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Adrian is telling Deran about the cops. Deran wants him to blackmail the guy. He lies about killing a guy.

J follows Smurf's car to the airport but finds no Smurf.

Pope is preparing for the job when Angela comes in with a handful of video tapes to watch.

Deran and Craig talk about Renn while waiting for an ambulance to steal.

Flashback. The crew is looking for the girl who stole their car and money. Janine finds out where Pam and her kids moved.

J tells the boys that Smurf took off while planning the job.

Craig talks about Smurf and the pie and how it means something.

The guys arrive at the venue. Deran gets the ambulance in.

J talks up the security guy while Pope and Deran break ino a truck.

Craig breaks into a pary bus and starts stealing from the passed out passengers. Trouble brews when security has to check ou he passed ou people but the guys get out by lying about an overdose.

And then they get into an accident, but not really. It's done on purpose by one of Mia's pals.

The guys are alive but they're hurt. They come up with a plan so they don't get busted. 

Flashback. The guys are arguing about what to do about Pam. 

J goes to the body shop to see Pete.

Flashback. Pam offers Janine a job. She knows Smurf is pregnant. Then Janine says she wants the money and the van. Pam goes back to talking about Janine's pregnancy.

Pope gets home and Angela starts asking questions. He's dizzy and injured. He wants to go to a hospital. She fixes him up. 

Craig and Deran destroy a van.

Mia and Tupi shows up at Pete's who asks where they've been all day.  Pete kills Tupi for working the job. He lets J deal with Mia and leaves a gun.

She tells him she killed Baz and about Smurf. Did he kill her?

Craig is at home looking at the baby's crib. He calls Renn. No answer.

Deran is at home with Adrian. He wants to know what happened with the cop. 

Angela is putting on videos and made popcorn. 

Flashback. Janine shows up with the van at the motel. She doesn't give them the money. But she takes Colin into a room and shows him the money.

J comes out in the yard and goes back leaves with Pete to get the money and jewels. J tells Pete about Smurf's cancer.

J gets back to his car and freaks out.













Animal Kingdom
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Animal Kingdom Season 4 Episode 8 Quotes

Cops are scumbags.


Deran: You don't want to do that baby-raising shit. You don't get any sleep. You have to feed that thing like 14 times a day.
Craig: Hey, you're right. I remember when I raised you. Look how you turned out.
Deran: Exactly my point.