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Flashback. Janine is sitting on Colin's grave, still shocked when Jed's wife comes out to talk to her.

Current day. Smurf wakes up on he bathroom floor. She's feeling woozy and puts on her sunglasses. She's on a yacht somewhere. 

Pope is loading a gun in his bedroom. He goes to Smurf's room and nosy's around.

Renn talks to Craig before he goes out for the job. 

J is in he kichen when Angela and Pope come in. J asks Pope if Smurf will show up for the job. Angela tries to convince Pope not to go.

Adrian asks Deran about the escape plan.

Flashback. Janine asks Jed for a car. Jed wants a portion of Colin's take from the job. She doesn't agree. He wants 8 grand for the car. She only offers $500 bucks. He agrees but he's creepy about it.

All the guys show up at the house ready to go. Smurf is back too.

She gets all gussied up for the job and then throws all her medications away but empties one bole on he counter. She then goes around and looks at her house. She cleans up what she can.

J drives with Smurf. The others drive separately. Angela watches it all. When they leave she goes back in he house and finds her dessert was thrown away.

Smurf asks J about Craig being a dad. She tells J about Adrian talking to the cops.

The gang arrives at the location. It's going to be another hour before they get through.

Flashback. Jed is watching Janine sleep when his wife comes up to him. Janine is awake and holding a gun.

The team starts digging into Jed's property. Pope asks Smurf about how she knows these people.

Smurf takes Pope to the house while the others continue digging. She has him drive right up ot Colin's grave and gets out. Pope is confused.

She tells him his father is buried there. Jed pulls up.She introduces Pope to his uncle and his cousin Otee.

The guys break into the bunker. 

Pope and Smurf are sitting on the porch when Jed shows Pope pics of Colin.

Pope is completely flipped out.

Angela goes into Smurf's room and starts trying on her clothes. She goes to the bathroom and starts the bath when she sees the pills on the counter. They're Oxy.

She figures out Smurf left them for her and then she regrets dumping them in the toilet. However, she saves them.

The guys break into the gold room.

Flashback. Jed is working on the car. He wants more than 500 bucks. He wants to have sex with her and he'll give her the car for free. She tries to get her gun but he grabs her purse first and throws the gun in the field. Then she agrees to do it if he'll let her leave.

But she hits him with a shovel and runs after the car doesn't start. The wife comes out and sees what's happening. Jed is chasing after Janine.The wife comes chasing after and when she jumps him he starts beating her. 

Janine goes into labor.

Angela is soaking in the tub full of Oxy and then she starts slipping under the water. Unfortunately, she realizes it and wakes up in a start.

Jed is telling Pope about the day he was born. She wasnts buy some guns and wants to go to the bunker. Pope is even more freaked out. The guys are still in here.

Jed's other sons arrive. Jed tries to open the doors and can't. Smurf shoots him while Pope takes care of the others. She completely loses it and starts shooting as the guys come ou tand take off. Smurf ges shot in the leg and Pope takes over. He grabs Smurf and throws her in the truck and takes off. She's very upset about it.

Pope drives up and they take Smurf out of the truck. She goes off on all of them. Then she asks for Deran's gun. She grabs it from him and then orders Craig to give Pope his gun.

She wants Pope to shoot her. 

Flashback. Janine is giving birth.

Back to present. Smurf is still begging Pope to kill her.

Janine gives birth to Julia. And then realizes she's going to have another.

Smurf asks Pope to shoot her again and when he doesn't she shoots him. She asks again and the others are flipped out. THEN J SHOOTS HER!!

And he's calm about it too like it's NO BIG DEAL. Pope barfs. the others are shocked.

They gather he body and put it in the truck.

Back at home Angela goes ino the garage where the boys are gathered around Smurf's body. J comes up with a plan.Pope is flipped out.

Craig arrives home. He's upset and sitting outside when Renn comes out. 

J is sitting by the pool when Angela comes out. She asks questions about what happened.

Deran tells Adrian they are never coming back.

Flashback. Janine names the babies.

Andrew sits with Smurf.








Animal Kingdom
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Animal Kingdom Season 4 Episode 12 Quotes

Deran: How she look?
Pope: She looks like Smurf.

I'm going to hit the road. I don't like staying in one place for too long.