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Smurf is meeting with Neil who tells her that the cops are talking to someone about the family.

Adrian is talking with the DEA agent and Pierce who want more information about Deran.

Adrian meets up with Deran at the beach house. Deran asks where Adrian was and Adrian lies. Deran doesn't believe him.

Smurf asks J to find out who's talking to the cops.

Craig finds the list Renn is making for the baby.

Pope and Smurf are having breakfast. He's concerned about her.

J goes ino the garage and pus a tracker on the car when Angela comes in. He and Angela talk about Julia.

J tells Deran that Smurf wants him to spy on all of them. Deran tells him she's bullshitting. And he criicizes the Frankie job.

Pope is practicing his boxing in the patio when Angela comes out to see what he's doing.

Smurf gets in the car and leaves with J's tracker on the car.

Angela tells Pope that Smurf is using him.He tells Craig about what J told him.

Renn comes out and greets Deran then leaves. Deran comments about her keeping the baby. He thinks it's strange.

Young Smurf tells the group about the hippie compound job while Jake flirts with the waitress, Pam.

Smurf is at the doctor for a chemo treament.

Craig breaks into the warehouse where her and Frankie were before.

Deran is at the beach waiting for Adrian. He tells Adrian about Smurf's suspicions.

Frankie gets to the warehouse to meet with Craig. They have an argument. Craig walks out.

Angela approaches Pope in his bedroom and asks even more questions. She wants to go with him to his fight.

J follows Smurf and finds that she's at the chemo clinic.

The woman sitting next to Smurf is talking nonstop. Smurf is pissed and barely pays attention. Then she gets pissed and pulls out the IV and storms out.

Flashback. Smurf likes the big gun in the van when Colin tells her to use a handgun instead. He cares about her. She's his kind of wild.

Smurf slashes the tires of the van next to her car while J watches.

Renn is putting coke into bags when Craig comes in. She defends herself and says that selling drugs is how she makes her money.

Pope and Angela arrive at he fight site.

J is at the clinic nosing around and asking the nurse questions.

Angela watches Pope beat the crap out of his competitor. She likes it.

Flashback. Smurf and team breach the hippie compound.

Smurf knows the leader of the compound and takes off her mask. He did something to her. Jake gets shot. Colin finds Smurf holding a gun to the guy's mouth. He wants her to stop and she ends up just shooting the guy in the knee.

Angela and Pope get home. Angela asks J where Smurf went and J lies to her. He's upset.

Pope tells Angela that Smurf has cancer and won't let him tell anyone.

Deran's contact pays a late night visit to tell him that Adrian didn't get busted like everyone else did. He threatens Deran that he's going to tell Pope. The guy wants 20 grand to stay quiet.

Deran shoots the guy when he's pretending to get money from the safe.

Craig tells Renn he knows the baby is a boy from the list he saw on the bed earlier. He buys her entire package of coke off her.

Pope gets to the bar and Deran tells him what happened and why.

Flashback. The team is digging the bullet out of Jake. The leader is upset about them getting shot. Janine challenges the guy because they made more money than when they robbed a bank.

Colin tells her they need to talk and they go outside.

Pope and Deran are burying the body.

Flashback. Colin asks Janine if she was going to blow the guy's brains out and wants to know who he was. He sets some rules for her about lying.

Deran is showering when Adrian comes in. They shower together.






























Animal Kingdom
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Animal Kingdom Season 4 Episode 6 Quotes

The Codys are dangerous, including your boyfriend.


Smurf: I always protect my people, Neil.
Neil: I'm not your people.
Smurf: Of course you are.