Visiting the Past - Animal Kingdom
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Pope and Angela talk about Julia and other things. Pope tells her he's worried about Smurf.

Deran tells Adrian he's not going to prison, and they discuss next steps.

Deran gets to the house and asks Pope how long he's been with Angela. Pope says they're just friends.

J comes in with the loot and tells them the story. He doesn't tell them he killed her. Deran blows a gasket.

Pope tells Deran it involves Pete. Pope wants to know more details.

Pope tells Deran Smurf has cancer. Craig shows up.

Flashback. Smurf and Colin are driving.

Current day. Smurf arrives at a farmhouse. A guy comes and brings her a beer. She's looking for guns. 

Flashback. Colin and Smurf arrive at the same farmhouse. It's his brother's farmhouse.

Current day. Smurf and Jed talk. This is Colin's brother. She's buying guns from him,

J is sleeping when Angela wakes him up. She tells him Pope told the others about Smurf and then that they have to move fast on the will. 

Deran is at Craig's place. They talk about Smurf. Craig doesn't believe it.

Deran asks for some help to rough up the cop.

J asks Angela if he wants to go with him to find Smurf. He lies about the GPS.

Deran and Craig wait for the cop. 

Pope is in Smurf's room and starts cleaning up. He flips out.

Flashback. Colin's brother is nuts. He's obviously abusive to Laney which Smurf picks up immediately. And he likes Smurf. Colin is uncomfortable.

Current day. Jake takes Smurf down to the bunker to show her the guns. He's got something hiding in the back but distracts Smurf.

Craig figures out the guy is a cop. Craig leaves until Deran tells him what's going on. Deran doesn't.

J takes Angela to the ghetto. Angela is acting weird.

A girl comes in and tells Craig Renn is passed out and in the hospital. He takes off.

J and Angela eat tacos and talk. J is fucking with her and pulls out a joint. He leaves and leaves her a wad of cash so she can buy drugs if she wants. 

Flashback. Jed asks Smurf why she's with Colin. Colin tells Smurf the story about Jed and why he's so weird.

Pope visits Lena at school. He tells Lena's father about Smurf.

Det. Pierce visits Deran at the bar to talk about his dead friend. And kind of makes him an offer to save Adrian.

Craig gets to the hospital to see Renn. She tells him she thinks its his, but she's not sure.

Angela is on the pier.

The baby is brought into Renn's room. He hold's his baby!!!

Flashback. Smurf wakes up to Colin and Jed fighting. She and Colin leave. And then she tells Colin she's pregnant.

Pope wakes up to find Smurf in the kitchen. Pope tells her she told everyone. She tells him she has a job, and she's joining them.














Animal Kingdom
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Animal Kingdom Season 4 Episode 9 Quotes

J: This won't happen again.
Pope: No, it won't. Because if it does, you won't get another chance.

Angela: Maybe she's not coming back.
Pope: Why would you say that?
Angela: Maybe she doesn't want you to see her at the end.