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  • Smurf, Manny, Jake, and Pam steal from a jewewlry store.
  • Smurf: Next time, you're the decoy because that was boring as hell. Pam: Like anyone is bending over backwards for my black ass.
  • Pope breaks into Cassandra's ex Liam's house and holds him at gunpoint tying he up. He then tells henry to pack his things so he can take him to his mother.
  • Renn has to bail Craig out of jail after his stunt on the pier. 
  • Renn: I have to get to Tanya's. Craig: As long as you're taking Nick.
  • J: Pete flushed the coke. Craig: What? J  That's what happens when the DEA shows up. Craig: What was it doing at Pete's? J: Deran told me to move it. Craig: To Pete's? J: It does't matter, man, it's gone. Craig: What do yo mean it's gone? I could be back to zero right now. J: I know that's why we got to find Deran right now. Craig: Deran? This is on you? J: Me? Craig: You lied about this job in the first place.. J: Me? Craig: And said it was cash. This shit started with you! What, you got nothing to say now? J: Adrian was Deran's problem, and now he's all of our problem. Do you understand me? 
  • J goes looking for Deran who isn't returning his calls. He goes to Craig to ask him about his whereabouts and tells him about Livengood and the flushed coke. Craig blames him for it starting with him. J reminds him that Deran was supposed to handle Adrian and now Adrian is all of their problem. 
  • Lark calls J and says she needs more signatures and asks him to meet her in San Diego. 
  • Renn drops Craig off at the Cody house and he does some more drugs.
  • Pope leaves Liam in the middle of nowhere with a knife to cut himself loose and a gallon of water and takes Henry to his mother.
  • Deran: Why are you staring at me like that? Craig: Because you're the one who told J to get rid of the coke in a flash. Deran: Yeah, because I didn't want it in the house. Craig: Yeah because you have the DA sniffing around, right? We have nothing! How many times do I'm saying we need cash, but nah, you and J  have to go around measuring dicks. Deran: Yeah what have you done? Craig: What have I done? Deran: What have you done?! I didn't tell that asshole to move it to Pete's! Craig: Yeah, you know what? J is an asshole, but are you. You're an asshole. So congratulations on both being assholes! I'm sick of this shit, man!
  • Craig finds Deran at the bar and tells him everything, going off on him about his competition with J and both of them being jerks.
  • Smurf and the crew blow up the van to get rid of the evdience
  • Coked up Craig hits up a few establishments and robs them on his motorcycle.
  • Lark has J sign paperwork and his uncles need to sign it to that they agree to equal shares in Smurf's estate. J signs but asks Lark a hypothetical wondering how long it will be before they divide things up. 
  • J: If things were to change, how long would it take to divide things up? Lark: What's changed? J: How long? Lark: Well, we draw up new paperwork, but it would be easier if your uncles just bought you out. 
  • Jake's wife is at Smurf's place when hey return and throws a fit. Smurf gets physical with her and kicks her and Jake off of her property.
  • Henry: Why are you doing this? Pope: Because kids need their mothers and they should be with their mothers. I mean if their mothers are good. Henry: I think she is. Pope: good.
  • Pope brings Henry to Cassandra and tells them  how they need to leave town and cross the border. She thanks him.
  • Deran: One cop shows up and you flush half a million dollars of coke down the toilet? Pete: What, I'm a liar now? Deran: Either that or a pussy. Pete: Damn. Smurf's little boys, every one of you a pain in my ass.This is what I get for trying to help out an old friend. Let me tell you we are done with that shit now. So the next time you, your nephew, your crazy brother, or your coked out brother  come around here, you ain't leaving. 
  • Deran goes to confront Pete about the coke and calls him a liar. Pete tells him that he's done with all the Codys and if they come around again, he'll kill them.
  • After a day of robbing, Craig goes to a bar and blows the money on top-shelf tequila. 
  • J: We're not here because of me. We're here because you didn't have the balls to shoot your boyfriend. 
  • Deran, J, and Craig end up back at the Cody house bickering with each other. When J mentions that Deran didn't have the balls to kill Adrian and Craig silently agrees, Deran punches J and they start fighting. When Craig tries to break it up he gets thrown on some glass. Craig pulls J off of Deran and they end up in the pool and Deran has to go in the pool to stop Craig from drowning J. 
  • Pope: What the hell happened? Deran: What, today? Yesterday? Last week? You've been gone a long time, man. 
  • Deran: Where you been man? Pope: It doesn't matter. I'm home. Deran: Yeah? You get your shit together or are you going to keep taking off and acting like a psycho? 
  • J packs up his things and considers leaving. Pope arrives to the trashed house and asks Deran what happened. 
  • Pope: What's that for? You going somewhere? J: I'm leaving. Pope: No you're not. Put it back. I said put it back. Put it back! J: I'm leaving, Pope. Pope: You leave and I'll find you. 
  • Craig and Deran are fine after blowing off some steam and Craig fixes Deran's nose and Deran ices his broken ribs. Pope finds J packing and he tells Pope he's leaving. Pope tells him he isn't and he'll track him down if he does. He tells him to ice his eye.
  • Smurf: Hey, you're never going to leave me right, baby? Both of you. You're never going to leave me.
  • Smurf sits with the twins, bummed that Pamela left her, and she tells them that they'll never leave her. 
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Animal Kingdom Season 5 Episode 8 Quotes

Renn: I have to get to Tanya's.
Craig: As long as you're taking Nick.

Smurf: Next time, you're the decoy because that was boring as hell.
Pamela: Like anyone is bending over backwards for my black ass.