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  • Deran spazzes out because he knows that he'll be the first suspect if the feds realize Livengood is missing or gone. J takes over and tells them to bleach everything and they'll get rid of the body. Pope gets the bullet.
  • Pope and J get rid of Livengood's car.
  • Smurf scouts out Max and plots.
  • J and Pope meet up with a guy on the border to make it look like Livengood was killed in a hit, but when they tell him that Livengood is DEA, he's out. They have to pay him 25 grand and drive to a different location to get the job done.
  • Smurf gets the 411 on Max while Julia and Baz play together.She wants to know when Max comes to the strip club so she can get in while Max is there.
  • Frankie comes to the Cody house and Craig's request with information on a hawala.
  • Deran agrees to the hawala he wants cash in case the Livengood thing goes south.
  • Pope and J meet the Doctor's two friends, they don't speak much english. They make them cut off Livengood's hand. J does it with no problem which seems to get Pope's attention. 
  • They have to cross into Indigenous territory to leave the car with the hand in it, since no feds or other cops can get there without Indigenous permission. The guys will drag the body under the border.
  • Frankie demands that she be cut in and get fair compensation of the money made from the job since she's at risk of being burned.
  • Pope and J wipe down Livengood's car and leaves it. Livengood's daughter texts him because he's supposed to pick her up from soccer practice. It seems to affect Pope who notices taht it doesn't affect J.
  • Frankie tells Craig that she was looking for a reason out and that she'll be going to Central America when the job is through. Craig realizes that they're part of the reason that Frankie got burned in the first place.
  • Linda turned on Smurf and warned Max.
  • Frankie heads in to do a deal with The Wizard. She's sending all of her 30k to Costa Rica, and so far, it passes everything.
  • Craig and Deran run recon on the outside. 
  • Pope talks to J and tells him that they aren't the same.
  • Max is at Smurf's place when she arrive and he won't let her get rid of the kids before they talk.
  • Smurf tries to talk Max down, but he slaps her which gets Pope's attention. Pope stabs Max, and Smurf gets her gun back and shoots him. She tells the kids to turn away before she takes the killshot, but Pope looks.
  • Smurf has Manny and Jake dispose of Max's body.
  • Pope aand J update the others on what happened when they get back home after Frankie talks out everting.
  • The hawala money is on the move thanks to the tracker Deran put in.
  • Smurf talks to Pope about what happened, and seems to take delight that he's handling the shooting well. She gives him his knife back. 
  • The boys follow the tracker to a shipping dock. They decide to go through with the job despite the difficulty of it. 
Animal Kingdom
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Animal Kingdom Season 5 Episode 11 Quotes

J: There's no upside in offing a cop, Pope.
Pope: Sometimes things have to be done. Doesn't matter who it is.

OK, so we need to get rid of his car, but we can't be seen driving it.