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Katie is concerned about Emma, Charlie says they need to wait for the right moment.

Emma is home. Grace lays out ground rules for Karn. 

Grace tells Hodiak she's staying with Karn, but they continue their affair. Hodiak suggests somebody to keep an eye on Emma. 

Hodiak arrives at an arson scene where the body of a black man, Cassius, has been discovered. Bunchy is there, now with the Black Panthers. Hodiak is unimpressed with the beat cop's theory. The Panthers want the cops to investigate the murder of a black kid.

Grace tells Emma the truth about bad boys.

Hodiak interviews Bunchy and the Panthers about Cass. They refuse to help him unless the Michael Younger case is addressed.

Grace takes Emma to school and they reminisce about her childhood. She tries to skip out, but the ex cop Grace hired stops her.

Sadie prepares to carry out something on Charlie's behalf.

Hodiak visits Nate to ask about Cass, but he will not cooperate. He does direct him to another source, Hannah Weinraub.

Hannah's information is useless as she is senile. Hodiak starts to look into Michael Younger. Michael used to help out the neighborhood beat cop, Tolson.

Shafe goes undercover at the burlesque, and sees Manson's cellmate's son come in. He fills Hodiak in, and they discuss using Vickery to help vouch for Shafe with Butano Jr. 

Cutler is made acting lieutenant. Shafe and Hodiak talk about Cass's murder and the Younger case. Shafe say's he'll take on Younger.

Manson surprises Hal Banyin in a parking garage. His attempt to blackmail Banyin doesn't work, and he asks about Emma. Banyin ignores his threats and leaves. 

At the fundraiser, Grace calls to check on Emma and makes arrangements to meet later with Hodiak.

Shafe makes progress at the Peach Pussycat. At home, his friend fills him in on Walt. Shafe lets Hodiak know he may be able to get in touch with Walt.

Hodiak figures out who Hannah Weinraub saw graffiti-ing the barbershop. It was Cass' nephew, who is a junkie.

Sadie shows up at the Karns house posing as Emma's classmate.

Shafe meets with the detective on the Younger case to goad him into action

Hodiak and Tolson sweep a drug den looking for Culpepper. He runs to the Panther headquarters. Hodiak tries to get them to give up Culpepper, but the crowd starts demanding Tolson's arrest for Younger's murder.

Hodiak goes to Cutler to have Tolson arrested, but Cutler says a higher up is protecting him. Cutler won't do anything on either case because he's afraid of another set of race riots.

Shafe is upset that Hodiak is giving in on the two murder cases.

Walt shows up at Hodiak's apartment. He left Vietnam after discovering that the army is illegally bombing Cambodia.  He wants to give his information to the media. 

Grace brings Emma dinner to discover her missing. She lashes out at Karn and Hodiak.

After giving in to a drink at home, Hodiak heads to Spiral Ranch to find Emma. He wails on Manson until Shafe, who is undercover, intervenes. 

Butano and Shafe get Manson inside, and Butano remarks that Shafe saved his life. 


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Aquarius Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Grace: I know about boys who break the rules. Boys who don't care what the world thinks of them. Here's what I know about the bad boys that you don't: They do care about the rules. They care so much they can't stop thinking up ways to break them. And you know what ends up broken? You.

No, no, you know? You're -- you're right, You're gonna be 25 forever. You're gonna get everything you want, and everybody's gonna love you.