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Hodiak breaks into his ex-wife's house and finds a bus schedule for Dallas. He also finds his partner Ed Cutler in her bed.

Opal walks in on the two men after they've discussed the affair. Hodiak ends the partnership with Cutler because he is a liar, and Opal tells Cut how Hodiak hit her once.

At the ranch, Karn is regretting his interlude with Manson. He wants Emma back, but Manson won't tell her to leave. Karn hands over the rest of the money anyway. Emma spots her father driving away.

Tully is booking a disruptive female detainee when Cut asks her to make more coffee.

Hodiak is at home when he gets a call from Manson's PO Bruce Tamminy. He's been fired after making inquiries into Manson's whereabouts.

Hodiak wants Shafe to find Manson by using the biker Roy Kovic. They overhear a radio call about a murder at the coffee hut Shafe's been working for the narcotics unit. Hodiak goes to the crime scene so Shafe doesn't blow his cover.

Hodiak arrives on scene, and Cutler thinks he already has the killer. Informant Mike Vickery is in the back of a squad car.

Shafe repairs relations with Kovic, and asks if they can try to find Manson again as Tully gets out of the car. 

Emma asks Manson about her father, and tells her Karn was there to buy her back. Kovic introduces Shafe and Tully to Manson, but he's suspicious. Tully manages to reassure him.

Hodiak has Cutler called to autopsy and reenacts the murder with Cutler as the victim Art Gladner. Vickery can't be the killer.

Shafe is exploring the house when Charlie catches him. Emma, Sadie, Tully, and Kovic walk in.

Cutler and Hodiak argue over Vickery. 

Shafe and Tully debrief in the car. She's serious about being a cop and will do what is necessary.

Opal shows up at the station with a letter from Walt. Cutler tries to reassure him.

Katie and Sadie are sharing stories about their past when Manson walks in and announces they're going to make a demo.

Shafe and Hodiak debrief each other on the two cases. 

Grace and Hodiak head to the ranch. He confronts Kovic, while Grace speaks to young girl. 

The sound engineer, Rue Fisher, tries to explain why the location Manson picked is less than ideal. Manson lays down tracks as the girls dance and frolic

Grace is upset that Emma may be gone voluntarily. Hodiak fills Grace in on Walt. They end up having sex.

The prostitute tells Tully that she could make more money on the street. Cutler makes some off color comments in agreement, and Tully stands up to him.

Kovic tells Manson about Grace and Hodiak. Manson tells the girls it's time to leave. He does not like Emma's questions.

MPs show up at the police station about Walt. Cutler tries to convince Hodiak to cover for Opal. After, he heads over to her house. 

Manson breaks into Fisher's house with a "gift" of Emma and Sadie. 

Karn and Grace are arguing when Manson calls, and plays the demo for him. 




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Aquarius Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Charmain: I chose, okay?
Shafe: Charmain...
Charmain: I'm serious about being a cop. About being a great cop. As serious as you are. Okay?
Shafe: Okay.

Cutler: You see something you like, officer?
Charmain: No sir. But I was wondering, those pants? Do they make them for men too? Because I'll tell you, you should go back to whatever store you bought them at and tell them that you are a police office in a position of authority that is very hard to maintain in a felonious pair of ball-huggers.