Stay Safe - Arcane
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Silco narrates a memory of a fight where he lost and was submerged in the river.

In the present, Vander prevents Vi from turning herself in for the explosion. He lets himself be arrested by Marcus instead. But when they get outside, they find all the Enforcers slaughtered.

Silco has given Deckard the berserker serum and Deckard kills every Enforcer and drags an unconscious Vander away.

Vi gets free of her confinement and rounds up her team to rescue Deckard. She tells Powder that she can't come with them. It's too dangerous and Powder isn't ready for this fight.

In Piltover, Jayce and Viktor make a breakthrough and are about to demonstrate they can harness magic when Heimerdinger returns to his lab. They are able to convince him that the research is viable.

Vi, Mylo, and Claggor find Vander in the warehouse where Silco has been manufacturing his berserker serum. It's a trap, and Vi is left to single-handedly fight all of Silco's monster troops while Mylo tries to pick the locks on Vander's shackles, and Claggor looks for an escape route.

Powder realizes that the blue gemstones are the source of the explosion in Jayce's rooms. She decides to help out Vi and the team with one of her explosive toys.

With Vi defeating his monsters, Silco doses Deckard again and sends him to attack Vi and Vander.

Just as Mylo gets Vander free and Claggor opens up the back wall for them to escape, Powder's blue gemstone toy bomb goes off, obliterating the supports. Vi is trapped under a piece of debris. Mylo and Claggor are killed. Vander is dragged out and thrown down onto a pile of broken berserker serum vials. He re-energizes in a berserker rage but chooses to save Vi rather than kill Silco. They fall from the building and Vander breaks Vi's fall and dies.

Powder approaches and Vi realizes that it was Powder's toy that caused the explosion. She yells at Powder and calls her a jinx. She walks away from her distraught sister.

Silco approaches Powder. When Vi sees that, she tries to go back but Marcus leaps out and knocks her out with a drug-soaked rag. He drags her away into darkness.

Powder leaps into Silco's arms and he comforts her. She states that Vi isn't her sister anymore.

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