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On Archer Season 6 Episode 11,  Archer, in an attempt to reconcile with Lana and be romantic, sedates Lana and flies her off to Wales so he could tell her in a calmer setting what happened with Katya.

Lana sees the place and thinks it's romantic. However, she's still angry, even though she's starting to believe that Archer is telling the truth about not having slept with Katya. As she starts warming up towards Archer, they are interrupted by two Welsh brothers, Lloyd and David Llewellyn, and Archer reveals that part of the trip is also a mission.

Lloyd and David are Welsh separatists from the "Free Wales Army", and Archer and Lana are assigned to get them safely out of the country as they're wanted by MI-5 in England.  The brothers are wanted for attempting to blow up a dam.  While Lana cools off outside, she overhears Archer describing Katya to the Welsh brothers and admitting to kissing her goodbye.

An MI-5 agent tracks the brothers to the farmhouse.  Archer has prepared an alter-ego, Randy Randalman, and a back-story to deflect them. However, Lana, in anger, sends Archer into a closet with the wounded brother and attempts to distract the MI-5 agent by making out with Lloyd.

Archer, in a jealous fit, bursts out of the closet, revealing he's CIA and forcing Lana to knock the agent out.  Lana and Archer end up leaving Wales with a kidnapped MI-5 agent, and with the separatists brothers at large.  However, they have reconciled and resolve to try to trust each other.

Meanwhile, back at headquarters, Kreiger and the team are performing surgery on Ray's hand; they replace his arm with that of an African-American.

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Archer Season 6 Episode 11 Quotes

Seriously, what is this, the Shire?


Lana: Just curious, what happened between your bedroom and right now?
Archer: Well, you were hysterical, Lana, so I thought the best thing to do would be inject you with a tranquilizer, drive you to a private air field, put you on a CIA plane, fly you overnight to Wales, and then...that brings us to now.