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On Archer Season 8 Episode 10, the season finale of Archer: Dreamland, Archer is told by Trexler that Mother was the one who ordered a hit on Woodhouse.

Incensed, Archer gags everyone in the car (Trexler, Lana, Poovey and Figgis) and heads to Dreamland Lounge to confront Mother. Meanwhile, Dutch Dylan, still very much alive after being run over multiple times, carjacks a ride to Dreamland.

Archer arrives at Dreamland, and while they all argue about who killed Woodhouse and caused all the damage and destruction during the feud (it was Poovey), Dutch bursts into the lounge.

Dutch reveals that it was a coincidence running into Archer and his crew, and that he was actually there for Krieger's medicine which keeps him alive. Krieger, upset about Dylan using his robotics for evil, sics his killer robotic attack dogs on Dutch and kills him.

However, Charlotte distracts the dogs before they're done with the carnage, and the dogs turn on them. Zerk kills the dogs to save Charlotte's life, which earns him a sound rejection from her.

While trying to escape with the money, Figgis and Poovey are stopped by Lana, whom Archer reveals to be a secret Treasury agent. While confronting her for her undercover deception, Mother accidentally shoots Lana. Poovey continues to accidentally shoot Lana until she dies in Archer's arms.

Archer decides to take the ransom money and split it with Poovey, but finds that the bag has nothing more than Cecil's pornographic magazines.

Archer leaves, and visits Woodhouse's grave to say goodbye. Poovey returns home to find that the Chinese women all left.

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Archer Season 8 Episode 8 Quotes

Poovey: Why're you throwing ME under the bus?
Trexler: I'm going to BUY a bus, then literally throw you under it, and then drive it back and forth on your face.

Archer: Anybody got a joke about socks?
Everyone: [silence, gagged with socks]
Archer: Oh, okay, I got one. Uh, "Sock, sock?"
Everyone: [silence]
Archer: Then you say, "Who's there."
Everyone: [silence]
Archer: [chuckles] Okay then I guess just pout!