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On Archer Season 8 Episode 3, Archer and Charlotte Vandertunt (Cheryl) try to explain their non-murder accessory-after-the-fact situation with "Berenice", while Charlotte identifies herself as the Vandertunt heir.

However, Figgis arrests Charlotte and Archer, booking Cheryl as a Jane Doe. Archer quickly realizes that Figgis booked Charlotte anonymously in order to extort a ransom for her "kidnapping."

Archer is jailed along with the jazz quartet from the Dreamland lounge, including Ray Gillette, Cliff (guest Wyatt Cenac), Verl (guest Wendell Pierce) and Floyd (guest Keegan Michael Key), who were busted for possession of marijuana.

Archer uses a ruse to get the guard's keys to try to break them out.

Meanwhile, Lana and Mother try to figure out how to entertain the Dreamland's patrons without a band. Also, Krieger breaks Darrel (Barry) out of the psychiatric facility.

Figgis is negotiating his debt with Trexler, using his possession of Charlotte Vandertunt. Trexler insists that she be brought to his mansion.

Archer and the jazz band exit the cell, but they have an argument when Archer insists on posing as the cop despite their difference in size. Verl and Floyd end up with cop uniforms, and the group makes their way down to the basement. They rescue Charlotte/Cheryl, and fight Pam on the way out.

They set off the sprinklers as a distraction and escape back to Dreamland, only for Mother to carry out the ransom plan herself.

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Archer Season 8 Episode 3 Quotes

Archer: Are you shitting me?!?
Pam: Awwww, I wouldn't shit you, you're my favourite turd!

Archer: Did you say "a" change, or just change, as in spare change?
Figgis: Huh, what change? They'll be passing you around for half a pack of smokes.
Archer: Pfft, I'm worth at least two packs.
Charlotte: Pfft!
Archer: You know...