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On Archer Season 8 Episode 4, Mother (Malory) tries to go through with her faux-kidnapping plan, but Charlotte Vandertunt's brother refuses to believe that Charlotte is actually kidnapped. Mother tells Archer, who is severely sleep deprived, to go over to the Vandertunt mansion to convince Charlotte's brother.

Figgis and Poovey go to Archer's PI office to find clues to Charlotte Vandertunt's whereabouts. Without finding any clues, Figgis decides to pretend that they still have her and thus fool and extort her father.

Archer goes to tell Cecil Vandertunt, Charlotte's brother, that she's been kidnapped and there's a ransom. While he's at the mansion, however, Cyril calls and makes the same claim. Cecil then demands proof from both Cyril and Archer: one of Charlotte's fingers.

Archer reports back to Mother, who makes him take Poovey (who broke in to Dreamland) to find a finger to present as proof to the Vandertunts. They go to a morgue, where they find Cyril ahead of them with the same plan.

They incapacitate Cyril and steal the finger. Cecil agrees to the ransom demand, and Mother tells Archer to set it up.

Meanwhile, Dutch Dylan is strapped against his will to Krieger's operating table, with Krieger about to fit him with robotic arms and legs. During the surgery, Krieger flashes back to WWII, where he's revealed to be a Jewish scientist named Aaron Leibowitz, who infiltrated the Nazi robotics division to sabotage their weapons programs.

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Archer Season 8 Episode 4 Quotes

I bet that creepy old joint's as haunted as Mrs. Muir's thwat.


Malory: You don't want to drive all the way out there, only to hear him say, "On second thought, to make this happen, we're going to need a finger."
Archer: Nobody has ever said, "To make this happen, you're going to need a finger."
Malory: Oh, you'd be surprised!
Archer: [shudders] Ugh.