In Archer Season 6 Episode 9 Slater enlists the gang's help in exploiting the Durhani Royal family at the Tunt mansion

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In Archer Season 6 Episode 9, Cheryl has a field day being in the center of the action as Slater enlists use of the Tunt mansion to stage a kidnapping of sorts of the Durhani prince so they can get his vital information. But the stars of the episode are Archer and Lana who use the opportunity to attempt to seduce members of the Royal family in an effort to make each other jealous.

Episode Details

On Archer Season 6 Episode 9, Slater and his gang attempt to swindle the Durhani royal family with the help of Gillette.

Rating: 4.8 / 5.0 (12 Votes)
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Archer Season 6 Episode 9 Quotes

Lana: First of all, your plan was too complicated!
Slater: Maybe for you people.
Archer: It had everything except a sign for free birdseed.

Slater: Everyone else, these are your dossiers. Read them on the way to Tunt Manor.
Cheryl: Tunt Manor! That's my house!
Slater: I know! (mimicking Cheryl's high voice) And because you know the property, you'll be posing as the listing agent.
Cheryl: Ahhhh! (squealing and clapping)
Mallory: Shut up!
Cheryl: Burn!