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The Army Wives pilot opens with a bar with a waitress, Roxy, serving drinks and fending off advances from patrons. Private First Class Trevor LeBlanc walks in wearing a military uniform and declares his belief that Roxy is his soulmate. He asks her to marry him.

She does. Now Roxy LeBlanc, she moves on base with him and the two children she has from other men. Trevor notices they already have a note regarding the growth of their lawn even though they just moved in.

Roxy LeBlanc seems confused by the situation, saying that where she's from, lawns are for car parts!

Meanwhile, Claudia Joy Holden is upset that her husband has been passed over for a promotion. Colonel Michael Holden doesn't seem as upset by the slight as his wife is. He believes there will be other opportunities.

Roland Burton is waiting with the rest of the Army Wives for their spouses to return. A bus pulls up with the returning military personnel, including his wife, Lieutenant Colonel Joan Burton.

Pamela Moran is in the doctor's office having a sonogram. She is pregnant with twins, but she declines the offer of knowing the gender of the babies.

Major Frank Sherwood is laying down the law with his son Jeremy for being 10 minutes late for curfew. He then belittles his wife Denise for coddling their child. She has a bruise on her arm.

The base gathers for the promotion of Colonel Baker to Brigadier General. Roland and Joan escape to the women's room for some play time in a bathroom stall.

Pamela and her husband have tension between them because he never goes to the doctor appointments for the babies.

Major Sherwood approaches Trevor LeBlanc and Roxy stands to salute the Major along with her husband. She feels awkward when she realizes she didn't need to do that.

Trevor is told he starts paratrooper training in the morning. Roxy states, "Well if I didn't just serve up toejam on a idiot cracker!" about her faux paux with saluting. Then she spills a drink on her dress.

Denise and Claudia are discussing her bruise. Roxy is at the sink in the lavatory washing her dress out in the sink. She is wearing only underwear when Pam comes in.

Roxy tells Denise, "He hits you once, hit him back. He hits you a second time, shoot him in the balls." Joan are Roland are still hidden in the stall and Roland states that the men's room is downright boring.

Claudia Joy Holden confronts Mrs. Baker about the lie she spread about her husband being a racist. Her husband expresses a wish that she hadn't done that. Claudia states that she can handle Lenore Baker.

Some women approaches Pam about the babies, but Pam is wary of them. As she walks away the women begin to gossip about Pam. Roxy overhears all of this and seems startled by the two-faced behavior of the women. Roland is behind her in the buffet line and strikes up a conversation with Roxy.

After the party Trevor is very excited about jump training in the morning. Her son interrupts with the news that his brother is throwing up.

They take the boy to a military hospital and Roxy sees the news of a military death on TV. She is there all night without having her son seen.

Claudia arrives in the morning with her daughter needing a physical before school starts that morning. The receptionist says she can be seen right away. Roxy intercedes, approaching Claudia wanting to know what she has to do to be seen right away. Claudia offers the appointment to Roxy.

Pamela is meeting with the base chaplain. She reveals she is a surrogate. The plan she and her husband have is to tell everyone the babies died after their parents come for the babies.

The soldiers ship out and their families come to see them off. Denise hands her husband a packet of love notes. He takes them stating, "I get teased about these you know."

Pamela comes home and finds out her husband made the Delta Force elite for the base. He bought a plasma TV. She doesn't want them to be spending that kind of money.

Roxy is ironing clothes and expressing frustration over their financial situation. She wants to get a job, but Trevor doesn't want her to. She is nervous over an invitation to tea that she got.

She feels as if she will never fit in on the base. Trevor doesn't share her concerns; he believes they can make things work. He wants to take care of her and the boys.

Two women come over, inviting Roxy out to "ladies' night". They go to a bar off post and Roxy realizes the women cheat on their husbands. She notices a help wanted sign over the bar and gets a job there.

Jeremy gets his notice that he got into West Point. When he realizes his father made a phone call which helped him get in, he becomes irate.

He lashes out at his mother, backhanding her. She wants to know why he keeps doing that, stating that if his father knew... Jeremy reminds her that she won't tell him because it would ruin her image of a perfect wife.

Denise goes to Claudia about Jeremy beating her. She states that Frank has never hit her, it has been Jeremy. Roxy reports for work at the bar off post. Joan is in the bar. She just got back from Afghanistan.

Jeremy is talking to Claudia's daughter Emmalin and her father comes over. He makes her get in the car and threatens Jeremy if he ever hits his mother again.

Joan is drunk and dancing on the bar. A patron gets overly friendly and Joan punches the guy. Roxy brings her down off the bar. Roxy calls her husband, unaware the man is Roland. Joan is passed out in the back.

Joan tells him if he knew what she did over there he wouldn't love her. He tells her he doesn't care what she did over there, he loves her.

It is the day of the fundraiser tea and women express excitement over meeting Claudia Joy Holden. Lenore Baker makes snide remarks to Claudia, stating in not so many words that she is digging into Claudia's past.

Denise pulls Claudia aside and they chat. Roland arrives and Claudia thanks him for coming to the "wives only" tea parties. Roxy comes dressed in shorts and a skimpy top, ready for work. Claudia introduces her to Pamela.

Pamela's water breaks. She confesses to Roxy that she is a paid surrogate and they can't go to the post hospital. She tells Roxy that she needs to get out of there. She recruits Denise and Claudia to help get Pamela off post.

Roxy notices Roland getting into an SUV and commandeers the vehicle. Roland seems nonplussed by the suddenness of the situation, but rolls with it. Right before they leave Claudia jumps in stating, "Let's go we got babies to deliver."

They don't make it to the hospital and pull over at the bar where Roxy works. To Pam's query of "You having a good time?" Roland replies, "Let's just say childbirth is disgusting as it is miraculous."

The first baby is born and is African American. The ladies look around and Roland remarks, "It wasn't me!" Pam stops them from telling her the gender. Pamela reveals to everyone that she is a surrogate.

Roxy LeBlanc just states that they all have their secrets. Roxy goes over to the window, throwing back the curtains to let the light in.

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Army Wives Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Hell, where I'm from the lawn's for car parts.


Michael Holden: Claudia Joy Holden, after 17 years of marriage my heart still skips a beat every time I look at you.
Claudia Joy Holden: Michael James Holden, after 17 years of marriage I can't believe that tired old line of yours still works.