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The spouses meet at the bar for lunch.

Roxy confided to them that she and Trevor did not have sex the night before and it worried her?

Why? It marked the first time in two months they went to bed without sex.

She thought it a sign of death for her relationship. The others could only laugh. Then Roxy dropped the big one and asked how frequently they were intimate with their spouses.

While everyone was honest, Denise said it was reliable and routine. This completely distracted Roxy from her own situation and she took it upon herself to try and help Denise with her "problem" - a makeover.

While they discussed "routine and reliable," Claudia Joy excused herself saying her friend Hannah White was arriving that day and she needed to get home to be there when she did.

Hannah was known to the wives as the wife of Lt. Col. Derek White who was killed in Afghanistan two years ago. Hannah was arriving to be part of the memorial Rose Garden dedication ceremony.

Her husband was to be honored along with the other fallen soldiers from Fort Marshall. A short while later a white car pulled up into Claudia Joy's drive. Claudia Joy came out of her, arms extended.

It was apparent they were very close friends.

They went inside and started catching up right away. While reminiscing Hannah told Claudia Joy that there was something really important she needed to tell her.

Meanwhile at Col. Holden's office Joan advised him that there was going to be some trouble coming up with a friendly fire hearing before congress.

Joan said it had to do with a soldier who was previously stationed at Fort Marshall, Lt. Col. Derek White.

Through switching between the simultaneous conversations between Claudia Joy and Hannah as well as Colonel Holden and Joan we found out that the death of Lt. Col. Derek White may not be what it seemed.

Hannah was told he was killed in Afghanistan however, a soldier from her husband's unit came to her and revealed that it was not Afghanistan but Pakistan where her husband was killed and that it was not enemy fire but a friendly fire accident that killed him.

He believe the Army was covering up the incident so as not to assign blame to the army or one of their soldiers.

He was going to congress to testify to these statements.

Hannah revealed she was going with him to support him and to testify herself.

Over at Roxy's house the women were enjoying margaritas, chit chat and Denise's  makeover.

They were laughing and joking completely oblivious to the situation brewing with Hannah White and how it was going to affect them.

Roxy finished cutting Denise's hair and while studying her reflection in the mirror Denise started to have second thoughts about vamping up her "sex factor" to break out the "routine and reliable" intimacy she had.

Roxy and Pamela said they would take her to return her new clothes if she wanted but they were trying to help her with her "problem" as they put it. Denise blurted out "Thursdays and/or Sundays."

Pamela and Roxy just stared in disbelief that she had a schedule.

Denise tried to defend it saying that's when her husband just happened to be in the mood but when she added "0700 or 2100" she realized that it was routine and it was a problem.

The girls asked if she ever initiated it but she said that was Frank's thing, he would initiate and it worked for them. She admitted she did not know how he would react if she initiated making love.

They all had another drink and continued to discuss Denise's new hair, new clothes and what she was going to do.

Later that evening Frank was working on a computer when Denise walked into the living room. New hair, tight jeans (Roxy's advice) and sexy shirt.

She walked up to Frank, who did a double take.

He told her she looked good, seemed a little confused and asked if they were going out. Denise said in a soft voice that she had hoped they would stay in. Frank's response was relief.

Denise stood there for a second looking around and when Frank did not look back up, she walked off to her bedroom in failure.

Over at Roxy's she was dressed in a sexy little number putting lotion on her legs when Trevor came home.

He told her that was hot and when she told him to get into bed he could only tell her that he was too tired from training.

He plopped down on the bed face first and passed out. Roxy sat there staring at him, she could not believe he was going to sleep again.

With all the help she gave to Denise, she couldn't seduce her own husband and therefore she was concerned.

He just wants some sleep and here is poor Roxy, doing all she can to seduce him because they haven't had sex in two days.

Claudia Joy and Michael were having a disagreement about Hannah.

Michael told Claudia Joy that Hannah had to leave because of her upcoming appearance before congress. Claudia Joy couldn't believe he wanted her to ask her friend to go. She wanted to be supportive of Hannah.

Michael told her that it would not look good for the family or his career if they continued to let Hannah stay. Claudia Joy gave in and agreed.

Michael offered to tell Hannah for her but she refused saying she would talk to Hannah herself. The next morning when she should have been helping at the memorial rose garden Claudia Joy had to tell Hannah that she had to leave.

Hannah couldn't believe that her friend would do this.

Claudia Joy tried to explain to her why but Hannah didn't understand why.

At the memorial rose garden the FRG was putting the final touches on the garden in preparation for the dedication ceremony.

Everyone was making small talk when Marilyn marched right up to Pamela, Denise, Roxy and Roland and said that in her opinion the only reason someone would testify before congress was to get attention.

This angered Pamela and she told Marilyn that Hannah's husband was dead and that she should be allowed to support him however she chose.

This set Denise off and she told Pamela that she was wrong that no one had the right to air their dirty laundry to congress, that this was the army and that certain rules of protocol should be followed.

Angie said that she agreed with Pamela, that if her husband died she would want to know how and where and know the truth.

The group started bickering about it when Roland stepped in to break it up.

Pamela asked Roxy what she thought and when Roxy said she didn't know what was going on but the fact that she had never seen Denise or Pamela that upset and with each other no less told her that it was a stupid rule.

This offended Pamela greatly and all she could say was that Roxy couldn't cop out with the "new girl routine" and stormed off.

Back at home Trevor made it in late again.

He sat down in the living room and started undressing. Roxy got him some food from the fridge and they discussed Hannah White.

Roxy told Trevor she did not understand politics and how Pamela got mad at her because she didn't have an opinion.

She said to her that it sounded like the army was lying to Hannah, Trevor agreed and took off his boots and socks.

Roxy freaked, her mind no longer on Hannah White but her husband's feet. They were tore up and bleeding.

When she told Trevor he needed to see a doctor he refused saying he didn't want to bring anymore attention to himself and that it was no big deal, he needed to finish training to deploy with his unit.

As Michael and Claudia Joy settled into bed for the night they discussed what happened that day.

Claudia Joy asked Michael how he would feel if he was killed and she went to testify in front of congress to find out the truth.

Michael told her that he would be very proud of her. He couldn't admit that he believed she would be right but he would be proud of her.

This angered Claudia Joy and she jumped out of bed.

She told Michael that she threw her friend out of their house because he told her what Hannah was doing was wrong and she supported his decision.

Now he is telling her he believes Hannah is doing the right thing. Michael said he was doing all he could to protect his family and their life on post and he stood by his decision to have Hannah leave.

The next day Roxy went to see Pamela to ask if the boys were going roller skating with her kids that night. Pamela didn't respond.

When Roxy asked her if she was speaking to her Pamela said no.

Roxy tried to make a joke saying well she just did and Pamela laid it all out there. She told Roxy that sometimes you have to take a stand. Roxy took her up on this and said her stand was that this whole argument was stupid.

It was stupid that Pamela wasn't speaking to her, that Pamela and Denise were fighting and that Marilyn and Angie were acting like they didn't know each other when they were standing 5 feet apart.

She said that any one of their husband's could die at anytime, that they had to support each other because they were all in it together so why were they all fighting! With that she left and Pamela stood their in shock and at the same time taking in everything that Roxy said.

Leaving the office Michael told Joan that he thought it best to cancel the memorial rose garden ceremony because Hannah would be there and there would be a lot of press.

Joan told him that in her opinion that would only make the army look worse in the public eye. She then admitted to Michael that she supported what Hannah was doing that everyone has a right to know the truth and no one should have to go to congress to get a straight answer.

She also told him that with that aside she would take his lead and do what he asked, adding that if he felt he should find a different number 2 because of what she just said she would understand.

Michael told her no he trusted her and wanted her to work along side him. Adding that maybe it would be best after all to not cancel the ceremony.

At the hospital Denise was getting lunch and get ready to sit down to study when she spotted Pamela.

She asked Pamela why she was there and Pamela apologized.

Denise asked her to join her and they sat down together not even mentioning anything about what happened they got right back into Denise's "problem" with her sex life.

Meanwhile Roxy made her way to see Trevor's Sgt. In the middle of training she asked to speak to him and requested that he give Trevor the next day off so he could go to the doctor.

After the Sgt. indulged Roxy by listening to her he called Trevor over. Later that night when he got home he told Roxy what she did was wrong and that she crossed the line. Roxy apologized to him.

Trevor told Roxy that what she did just gave his Sgt. more reason to bug him and now they were calling him "Babysoft."

Roxy said that she apologized and wasn't that enough.

He asked her what she was thinking and she confessed that she wanted him to feel better so that things could get back to the way they were. A confused Trevor asked what she was talking about.

When she told him the no sex for three days was causing her to be concerned that he was no longer attracted to her.

Trevor told her he was still attracted to her, that he was just tired from training and the next time she had a problem she needed to talk to him not his Sgt. With that he kissed her.

Frank could only stare. Denise did all the talking.

She told Frank how much she loved him and how she had never been with another man all the while slowly walking to the bed.

She told him that she loved being with him and that sometimes she just wanted to be with him so bad but she would shut it off because she didn't know how he would respond to her making the first move.

Well she didn't need to wait long to find out how he would react, Frank just scooped her into his arms and with a big smile on his face kissed her.

The next morning Claudia Joy was waiting by the lake, Hannah arrive shortly after. They hugged one another and apologized for everything.

Hannah told Claudia Joy that she didn't know if she was doing the right thing or even if she had the strength to continue.

Claudia Joy told her to keep fighting and not give up that she was so close to finding out the truth.

Hannah told her it meant a lot to have her support and that she would need it at the dedication ceremony that day, that's when Claudia Joy told her in a round about way that she could not publicly support her.

She begged Hannah not to make her choose between her and Michael.

Hannah was broken hearted, when Claudia Joy tried to explain Hannah told her that they had been there before and walked away.

At the memorial rose garden dedication everyone was wondering where Claudia Joy was. Denise told them that she wasn't coming, that everything was fine but she wasn't coming.

They took their seats and Michael began his speech. He told everyone he would be reading a list of 100 names of the soldiers who had died and to be patient.

The press was there covering the ceremony.

As Michael read the names of the fallen Hannah White pulled up in her car.

She sat there for a second, hesitating on whether or not to get out, but she did. She walked over to the rose garden and when the press saw her they completely disregarded Michael's speech and started asking Hannah questions.

She could only stand there and look at everyone who was watching her. Michael continued to read the names off trying to ignore the frenzy of the press that Hannah had brought.

Although everyone expected it would happen it was still hard for them to watch. Here they were paying tribute to all fallen soldiers with a beautiful rose garden and the importance of the day was taken away because Hannah was testifying before congress.

Hannah spoke before congress giving her undying support for the army, what it stands for and for the troops but pleading for the truth about her husband and his death.

Everyone watched Hannah's speech on the TV, each with their own stand on the issue but with one thing in common the support of each other and the army.

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