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The Army Wives first season finale started out with visitor's day. Amanda told Jeremy that she was leaving for UVA and he was going to Fort Dix for training, because of this they would hardly see eachother.

Although she never came right out and said it Jeremy knew she was breaking up with him and he asked her not to do it. He told her she was the only thing that got him through basic and he needed her.

She told him she loved him but had a plan for her life. She didn't want to do as her mom did and quit school just to get married. She wanted to make something of herself. Jeremy asked if it was what she really wanted.

Roxy and Trevor were packing their suitcases, getting ready for a road trip to Macon to meet Trevor's family, reminiscing about their last road trip when the phone rang. It was an official call for Trevor.

When he hung up he told Roxy he was on notice, deployment had been moved up and he was leaving in two days. Road trip cancelled.

At the Holden house, Amanda returned home and was talking to her mom while gathering her things. Claudia Joy asked what was going on with her because there was no excuse and that Amanda had a 7:45 train to catch to school.

Amanda told her she wouldn't understand and that she had changed her ticket for the next day. A smile came over Claudia Joy's face, realizing that her daughter was indeed going to school and not going to defer a year.

Claudia Joy asked Amanda to try to explain since she was once a teenager and does not deserve to be treated with disrespect just because her daughter didn't agree with the choices she had made in her life.

Amanda apologized for her bahavior saying she felt overwhelmed, then added she thought she may be pregnant. She asked Claudia Joy to stay with her while she took a home test. Thankfully the test came out negative.

But a positive pregnancy test was to be had on Fort Marshall that morning.

Joan was holding hit, staring at herself in the bathroom. But would she or would she not tell Roland!?

Denise (Catherine Bell) was getting ready to leave when she went into the kitchen and was surprised by Frank (Terry Serpico).

He was standing there with a huge bouquet of helium balloons. They were a congratulations token for Denise, she had achieved her RN degree.

Frank told her that he was really hard on her in the beginning because she was going back to work but now he was so proud of her.

While they were talking the phone rang and Frank answered it. When he hung up, he told Denise that he was on notice to deploy in two days.

At the armory, soldiers were getting munitions for training exercises that day when they came across a crate which was obviously tampered with.

Colonel Holden and several other brass were being briefed about the incident which turned out to be a theft of several items. They discussed suspects and decided to bring the suspects in immediately for questioning.

Colonel Holden concluded that Fort Marshall was the intended target for this attack. It was also decided that his promotion ceremony had to be cancelled because of all the officers that would be in one room.

Pamela was getting ready for her show at the radio station when Major Casey informed her that he had been getting phone calls regarding the sex talk that was going on. He asked her to tone it down a bit.

Pamela said the show was popular so they must be doing something right and got ready to go on the air. Before she could really get into her show, Maj. Casey handed her a news bulletin.

Casey told her she needed to and she had to be reassuring about it. Pamela went on the air to inform the post of the terrorist threat and that they were all at FP Con Alpha Plus. She said everything was going to be ok.

While Pamela was sharing words of encouragement we saw Michael being pinned in his office by Claudia Joy - he was now officially General Holden.

Marilyn and Eddie were talking at the park. Marilyn was leaving George and she was going to do it secretly when he was not home. Eddie asked why she didn't just tell George. Marilyn confided that when he had found out about her affair he lost it and she didn't want to risk that again.

Eddie then asked her if she was sure.

She said she married a man she doesn't like, who doesn't like her. Yes she was sure. She would meet Eddie later at the Hump Bar.

At the Hump Bar Pamela, Denise, Claudia Joy and Roxy were talking about the upcoming deployment and the FP Con Alpha Plus the post was on alert for.

Betty was back making some drinks and the ladies asked when her surgery was. Betty gave Roxy "the look" and at that point Roxy said Betty wasn't having the surgery because she was $3,000.00 short.

Roxy tried to get Betty to sell the bar so she could have the surgery but Betty said no to that idea, she didn't need surgery and that the bar would die with her.

Talk about Betty's breast cancer and treatment ended with that.

The ladies asked Roland why he called them all there. He told them he had been to Chicago and accepted a job at Northwestern, was leaving the next day, and it was the right thing to do for the moment.

Roland was back home packing up some things when Joan walked in. She said she wanted to say goodbye. He told her he was leaving the number where he could be reached and that the movers would be there the next day.

He was about to walk out the door when Joan called him. Through her tears she told Roland she was pregnant. Roland asked her what to do.

She told him she just needed to do the honorable thing and tell him. He asked her if she was keeping the baby and she said she didn't know but whatever happened they would talk about it and decide together.

She then told him he had a plane to catch. As soon as Roland shut the door behind him, Joan broke down.

Later that day Michael, Joan and other officers were discussing the division intel they had received about the theft. A terrorist cell was likely in the area and they had contacted a soldier on post. Someone who needs cash.

They could pretty much guarantee that the exchange of munitions and cash would be made within 24 hours.

Michael upgraded the post to FP Con Bravo. He said that since it was someone on post they were aware of the deployment schedule. All deploying soldiers would leave that evening - get things organized to move ASAP.

Roxy and Trevor were talking about the threat when Roxy asked if they should cancel their plans for that evening. Trevor told her no - they did not have to be indoors even at FP Con Bravo.

At the Polarski home Marilyn was packing her suitcases when George walked in. He asked her what she was doing. She told him she was leaving him and grabbed her purse and keys. George was furious.

He told her he knew all about her meet ups with Eddie. Moreover, he told her that his men were laughing at him and then grabbed her throat and pushed her up against the wall.

He said he paid for the car and so it was his. She dropped the keys saying he could have it. He released her and Marilyn ran out of the house. She ended up at Roxy's and was surprised when Pamela answered. S

Marilyn said she was scared and was leaving her husband. She said she needed a car because she needed to get to Eddie. She couldn't leave him waiting, thinking she had changed her mind.

Pamela said nothing but grabbed her keys and gave them to Marilyn.

Roxy and Trevor were dressed to the nines. Trevor took out a piece of paper and began to read it, telling Roxy she was what he was fighting for, and that she was the love of his life.

Roxy pulled out her vows and just began to read when the phone rang, it was notice, Trevor was deploying in one hour. Roxy didn't get to read her vows, as hand-in-hand they ran to get home.

Meanwhile, Chase was leaving work when his phone rang, so did those of the rest of his unit. They were called back into the building.

Frank told Denise he was deploying in an hour. He said it was going to be hard on his soldiers and families - not even realizing how hard it was on Denise.

Pamela was reading a story to the kids when her daughter asked where Chase was. Pamela left a voicemail telling Chase to come home.

Meanwhile Chase and the rest of his unit were leaving their building and getting into awaiting vehicles. Chase asked where they were going and was told everyone will find out when they were out of the country.

He looked so helpless, realizing he had just told his family he would be home for awhile and now he was leaving without telling Pamela.

Trevor was in his uniform gear in hand saying goodbyes to the boys. He told them to be brave and take care of their mom, when he got back he would share stories of everything he had seen.

DJ looked so sad and told Trevor that they had never had a real daddy before. Trevor could only say I love you and give him a big hug.

Frank and Denise were waiting to load the buses to the plane talking about how weird it was that Jeremy wasn't with them.

Frank said he emailed Jeremy saying how proud of him he was. He then said he was worried about leaving this time because Denise had changed so much and had accomplished so much.

Denise told him she loved him and needed him more than ever. They exchanged letters and Frank grabbed his gear and went to round up his men to board the bus. Roxy and Trevor were saying the goodbyes nearby.

Denise and Roxy then stood together, watching their men get on the bus and head to the awaiting plane. They watched it take off in silence with the rest of the deployed soldier's families.

At the Holden house Amanda and Claudia Joy were getting ready to leave when Michael walked in. He asked them to wait until the next day because of all the commotion. Claudia Joy said they were probably safer off post.

Michael, all choked up, said his goodbyes to Amanda and told the two of them to be careful. Claudia Joy stopped at the Hump Bar. She told Amanda she was dropping off a check to Betty to pay for her surgery.

Claudia Joy handed Betty the check. Betty could only stare in disbelief.

Meanwhile Roxy and Denise walked in. Roxy needed a quick drink to recompose herself before she went home to the boys. Claudia Joy gave both ladies hugs and was ready to leave when Roland walked in.

He said he was heading to catch a plane when he saw their cars and stopped in. He took the opportunity to share with them that Joan was pregnant.

Eddie was sitting in a booth when Marilyn came rushing in, they embraced each other, both smiling. They were together. Outside, Amanda was waiting and she looked over at an arriving car.

When the driver got out, she looked concerned as he was dressed in uniform including body armor. The driver was George Polarski.

He walked into the Hump Bar and Amanda followed. Everyone looked up as George walked in. He ripped off his vest revealing his torso covered in explosives. Just as Amanda walked in he pulled out a trigger.

The scene flashed to everyone in the bar and we saw a montage of flashbacks before a close up of George's finger on the trigger...


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Army Wives Season 1 Episode 13 Quotes

The hardest part about army life is seeing friends come and go.

Claudia Joy

Roxy: Do you remember the trek from Tuscaloosa?
Trevor: How could I forget? TJ threw up on me twice, Finn peed on me, and you broke the dial fighting over the radio station.
Roxy: Good times.
Trevor: Mmm... good times.