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Early in the morning, Claudia Joy left home to gather her thoughts about what had happened to her, Roland, and Peter Belgrad.

When she returned home Michael was waiting for her, concerned because his wife was not in bed when he woke up.

Later that morning Roland arrived at his office to find Claudia Joy sitting on the couch staring at the blood stain on the carpet.

They started talking about things and were soon interrupted by a woman - it was Peter Belgrad's widow, Sarah.

  • She wanted to see where everything had happened.
  • She talked a lot about what led up to Belgrad's death.
  • She talked about how he had come back different and that she knew something was wrong, that something really bad had happened "over there."
  • She blamed herself and talked about how she should have tried harder instead of quitting and leaving.

Roland and Claudia Joy could only stand there and listen - still in shock they were not able to comfort her.

Sarah shared with them that Peter would not be given a military funeral because his death was not considered one to be "in the line of duty."

He was considered to be a criminal for what he did.

With that she would also lose her medical insurance, tuition for her kids and the benefits she was entitled to as a military spouse.

With that she turned and left in tears.

Joan reported to Colonel Holden's office where he informed her that her actions violated protocol and that as her superior officer he was going forth with and Article 15.

When Joan returned home she informed Roland about the Article 15 and that since she was no longer promotable she was not going to write a defense statement and instead she would take her punishment as is.

Roland was shocked to hear this.

Claudia Joy returns home to meet Michael. She told him about what happened with Sarah Belgrad and how she found it unfair that he had chosen not to give Belgrad the proper military funeral.

He was very upset with her that she would tell him to come home for this reason and that his mind would not be changed.

Michael told her that in all their years of marriage he had always listened to her advice but in this case his decision is final.

Marilyn Polarski was at the Hump Bar with a man named Eddie, who turned out to be a man she is having an affair with.

While in conversation about their feelings they were interrupted by Roxy who came to see if they wanted a refill on anything.

She had no idea Roxy worked there and it didn't take Roxy too long to figure out what's up. Marilyn ran out of that bar, and fast.

The next day Jeremy and Denise were putting groceries away when Jeremy finally apologized to his mom for his behavior.

He told her how sorry he was and that he admired her for how she was dealing with everything going on.

Denise told him she was glad he was not going to West Point because no one should have to go through what they are dealing with.

Denise and Jeremy have now made it over a big hurdle.

At Pamela's house, Trevor and Chase discuss deployments and Trevor asked Chase for any advice he could give. Meanwhile, in the kitchen, Roxy told Pamela about Marilyn and her affair.

Pamela is shocked and called Marilyn a hypocrite.

Then she asked Roxy why she didn't tell her sooner.

Roxy didn't understand why Pamela said this after all the things Marilyn put her through but Pamela said in the civilian world, you could speak openly about infidelity but not in the military world. It's the wives' code.

Roland met with Col. Holden and asked if there was anything he could do for Joan. He revealed that Joan is suffering from PTSD and that he has tried everything he can to help her.

Col. Holden informed Roland that he is following protocol - Joan committed a critical error and that he couldn't do anything for her.

With that Roland thanked him for his time and simply said "If it was your wife you would fight for her integrity too."

Joan later reveals to Roland that she is going to go to a treatment center in Vermont that deals with PTSD and will participate in a 30 day program.

Roland asked her if she was sure, she said yes, and he took her hand and as always, said he was there to support her decision.

That evening back at the Hump Bar Marilyn returned to talk to Roxy.

She came in defensive and assumed Roxy LeBlanc enjoyed seeing her squirm. She asked that Roxy keep her secret. Roxy, being who she is said she would keep her secret and no she did not enjoy seeing Marilyn squirm.

Marilyn was both surprised and relieved that Roxy was there for her.

She revealed that no one knows about her affair and that it just happened. Eddie was a friend who she met during her husband's deployment and she was in love with him.

She told Roxy that Eddie phoned her and broke it off after they were caught and now that it is finished with Marilyn realized how much she loves Eddie, that it wasn't just a fling to her.

At Denise's house Jeremy was in the middle of washing the car when a car pulled up. He yelled for Denise to come quick.

She ran out of the house and was met by Col. Holden and Claudia Joy. The look on Claudia Joy's face said it all - Frank was alive and coming home!

The next day was the big 4th of July party at the Holdens.

Trevor and Roxy were standing there talking when Sgt. Polarski came up to them. Trevor introduced Roxy to Sgt. Polarski and only when Trevor asked them Marilyn was his wife did he introduce her.

Roxy said she knew Marilyn and that they were friends.

Surprised, Marilyn realized that Roxy was telling the truth and that she was someone who could be considered a friend. Roxy invited them to sit with her and Trevor for the pageant.

Pamela and Chase joined the table shortly after.

A surprised Pamela gave Roxy the questioning eye about Marilyn but did not hesitate to sit down with them. The pageant started with the children who sang "America the Beautiful."

During the song several of the soldier's cell phones went off, this included Chase's, and they quietly slipped away unnoticed.

It wasn't until the song was done that Pamela looked over at Chase to find him gone, she stood up and looked around and saw him running to the parked vehicles.

Chase turned around and their eyes met. He blew Pamela a kiss and with that he was gone. Pamela realized that this was it, her husband and the rest of Delta Force were gone.

The episode ended with Claudia Joy Holden giving a speech.

Claudia Joy started off in the traditional way reading a little bit of the history and meaning of Independence Day.

Not long into her speech she put her prepared notes aside and talked about what life was like that week for her, how she questioned whether she had said or done enough to change things.

She talked about how she was devastated and elated at the same time. She went on to talk about life as a spouse and life in the military.

As she speaks, the episode's closing montage occurs, and we see that Peter Belgrad did indeed get a military funeral. Whether Claudia Joy's speech or just a change of heart by Colonel Holden is what did it, he was honored in military fashion. Col. Holden denied Joan's application for separation.

Pamela came home to an empty house and for the first time realized that she will be sleeping alone, Chase is really gone. Roxy packed Trevor's backpack with his ACU's and the realization that he would be leaving hit her. Denise and Jeremy anxiously await Frank's return.

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Army Wives Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Pamela: Marilyn is having an affair, and you waited until now to tell me?
Roxy: Well, excuse me, but I worked until midnight last night.
Pamela: Well, my phone works twenty-four hours a day! And so does my front door!

"There is a line that divides me as a soldier and you as a soldier's wife. You never crossed that line until now."

Michael [to Claudia Joy]