Fresh from her night spent with Jeremy and her trip downtown to see him off on the bus to Basic Training, Amanda tries entering the house quietly at 7 am, only to be caught by a frantic Claudia Joy.

Amanda tells her where she was - having sex with Jeremy.

Roland (Sterling K. Brown) has signed up for intramural basketball on post, only to be turned away because the league is for Army personnel only.

Denise is changing outfits frantically, so it's obvious she is going somewhere important.

Roxy and Trevor are watching an impromptu soccer game with their boys and other kids from the post.

One child is particularly talented, and Trevor asks him who taught him to play.

Hearing it was his father, Trevor invites the child, Javier, and his father to go to the park with the LeBlancs the next day, hoping for pointers.

Javier declines, stating bluntly that his father is dead.

After a battle of the breakfast foods, Pamela drops her kids off 20 minutes late for Art Camp, only to run into an old friend from her days in Boston.

Chatting briefly about old times, Pamela learns that Scott has moved to Charleston, teaches at a local community college, and has volunteered to help with Art Camp since he has a son attending.

She asks about the girl he was dating in Boston and learns they were married, and are now divorced.

Denise's clothing emergency was the perfect outfit to wear to her first day back to nursing school.

Sitting in class, however, she feels out of place and realizes that techniques and procedures have changed drastically since she was last in school.

As the class heads to the clinic for hands-on experience, Denise flees the hospital, clearly overwhelmed.

On Roxy's front porch, she and Pamela are swapping sex confessions. Pamela is jealous that Roxy is "getting some".

Back at Claudia Joy's house, the Colonel is working hard to sell the clearly underwhelmed teenaged girls on the trip to Yellowstone National Park in Montana.

Amanda announces her plan to skip the family vacation to visit Jeremy at Fort Benning, Georgia instead.

Michael is stunned to learn that Amanda has defied his orders to cease the relationship, and tells her she will be going to Montana, not Georgia.

Picking her kids up at Art Camp, Pamela and Scott reminisce a bit, and learns that her kids have invited Scott's son over for dinner, so plans are made for the evening.

Roxy visits Javier's mother, Delores Marino, and is saddened to see that the widow is also pregnant.

As they chat, a phone call is allowed to go to the answering machine, and Roxy learns that the post housing authority has given Delores a deadline to move out, and it's a mere 2 days away, plus they need to get into the house to do a walk-thru inspection.

Amazed to learn that a widow is given 6 months to move off base after a soldier's death, Roxy also learns that Delores is in complete denial.

She has refused to admit the housing authority, and has clearly packed nothing. Telling Roxy that she and her husband had only been on post a brief time before his death, she has no one to assist her.

Roxy's big heart leads her to immediately offer assistance, bringing tears to the young widow's eyes.

Pamela, Scott and the three kids are enjoying a pizza, the adults are washing theirs down with wine.

Scott confesses to Pamela that he's carried a torch for her for 10 years, never acting on it because they were both seeing other people at the time.

He asks he if it would have made a difference in their relationship if he'd told her, and Pamela replies simply "Yes."

On Roxy's porch again the following day, Pamela tells all, the meeting, the dinner, the undeniable attraction, the temptation.

Roxy tells her that she's only being human, but Pamela accuses herself of wandering into "Marilyn Territory" - an affair.

She admits that for the first time, she can understand the affairs that others have.

In true Roxy style, she looks Pamela in the eyes and says "So, you want me to talk you out of it?"

Roland is being interviewed by an attractive female reporter about his new book.

It feels a bit awkward, he isn't used to being interviewed, and while professional, her questions seem to indicate an interest deeper than her job.

Roland glances at the picture of Joan (Wendy Davis) on his desk, trying to focus on his wife rather than the attrition he's seemingly feeling toward the reporter.

The New York journalist has done her homework, however, and soon has Roland at ease and discussing his background.

Having left school, Denise is cleaning out the refrigerator when Amanda arrives to ask how she is feeling since Jeremy left.

Denise is happy to see the girl, and says she is ok, inquiring after Amanda, only to open a floodgate of tears.

Amanda is devastated over Jeremy's leaving.

Pamela tries unsuccessfully to avoid Scott at Art Camp.

He has invited her kids over for the night, and Pamela first declines, then agrees, realizing it is Scott's intent to give her a free night with no kids.

Denise and Amanda have spent the entire day together, and Amanda makes the offhand comment that Denise "rules the school."

It's just a teenager's saying, but hits home with Denise.

She confesses that her intended return to nursing school met disaster on the very first day, and she'd quit.

Amanda tells her that she'd heard about the dramatic delivery of the twins on the pool table, and asks her how she'd done that.

Denise replied that she didn't think, she just did it. Amanda tells her the same principle applies to her nursing school return, to stop thinking and just do it.

Roland and the reporter are wrapping up the interview at an outdoor cafe in Charleston.

The discussion turns personal, both indulging in a bit of mild flirting. The reporter's husband is a war correspondent, Joan is in Vermont....

Claudia Joy is packing for the vacation, when Amanda calls, telling her she has spent the day with Denise, and wants to spend the week there rather than go on the trip.

Claudia Joy promises to think about it, and asks that Denise call her the next day.

Dropping the reporter off at her hotel, she and Roland have a moment in his car when their hands touch.

The mutual attraction is strong, but as he focuses on the wedding ring on the hand touching his, Roland tells her: "I wish I could, but I can't."

Shockingly, the next scene is a very intense and erotic frolic between the two in the reporter's hotel room.

The following day, Denise and Claudia Joy chat as the packing continues. Discussing Amanda, Claudia Joy confesses that she is jealous Amanda turned to Denise rather than herself.

Denise reminds her of how teens think:

"Every mother is an idiot, every one else walks on water." They recall their own struggles at 18, and Denise reminds Claudia Joy that they both turned out all right, and they must trust that their kids will too. They are interrupted by the telephone.

It's Roxy who has called, and she needs Claudia Joy's help.

Arriving at the young widow's house, Claudia Joy tells the Captain on the scene that she will handle the situation.

The man from the housing authority is there for the walk-thru inspection, and Mrs. Marino is refusing to let him in. Claudia Joy and Roxy talk their way past the door, promising the men will not enter.

With great patience and understanding, Claudia Joy listens to the widow, affirming her need to cling to the house as a way to hold on to her husband.

Admitting an extension for the housing could be arranged, Claudia Joy helps her see this would just be a temporary fix, and gets the young widow to realize that she needs to make a new life for herself and Javier.

Roxy and Claudia Joy both promise to be with her every step of the way. Their support gives Mrs. Morales the courage to take the first step and allow the walk-thru inspection.

Alone in her home, Pamela looks around, and emits a curdling scream, giving full vent to her frustrations.

Claudia Joy tells Michael that she and Amanda are staying home together, and that he and Emmalin will take the vacation instead.

He protests, but Claudia Joy tells him that he has to let her win this one, and they must trust Amanda's judgment.

Sound asleep, Denise is awakened by a knock on her front door.

It's Scott bringing her daughter home with a tummy ache he diagnoses as possible home sickness.

Scott tucks the little girl into bed, watching from the doorway at Scott's gentleness and skill getting the child comforted ad asleep.

In the hallway outside the child's closed bedroom door, Scott goes to leave. Pamela asks him to stay.

The sexual tension is strong, and they go to kiss.

Pamela pulls back, wondering aloud what she is doing. She admits to Scott that meeting him again has thrown her, and although she wants an intimate relationship with him, she can't do it.

Trying to joke it off, she says: "Who would have thought that I'd be the good girl?" Scott replies: "I did." After a gentle kiss to her forehead, Scott leaves.

Roxy, Trevor, and all the gang, including Roland, are assisting with the big move at Mrs. Morales' house. Denise comments that Roland seems careless and distracted, but he shrugs it off.

Not everything will fit into the rented truck and trailer, and the widow can't afford to come back for it, commenting that she might just leave it on the lawn.

Roxy disagrees: "That'd be one Hell of a chit."

She and Trevor inquire about the abandoned dining table, offering to buy it.

Pamela asks about a lamp, Denise a chair, and after a bit of good-natured bickering among the clan, the widow has a bit of extra cash and the 'wives' have some new possessions.

Roxy promises to find good homes for the rest, and the widow and her son head off bravely to their new future.

Leaving with Emmalin for Montana, good-bys are being said in the driveway, minus Amanda, who's watching thru a window.

She runs out at the last minute to see her father off, and he asks her for a hug which she gives, but tells him: "This isn't over." "I didn't think so." Michael replies.

Roxy, fresh from a shower, wanders to the kitchen in search of Trevor. Finding him there, she asks about the results of the tests on his knee.

He uses the magnetic letters on the refrigerator to spell out NO SURGERY, and tells her that he only needs 2 more weeks of physical therapy.

Tossing his crutches away, he hugs Roxy fiercely, promising her that he is going to be fine. Then he learns the kids are out...

Roland, sitting alone in his office, takes a call from Joan.

In a scene overlaid with shots of Roland pounding a basketball furiously into the hoop, he tells Joan that he misses her.

On Roxy's porch, Pamela spills the details of her near-miss the night before with Scott. With a big grin and a hug, Roxy tells her: "You still have me."

Denise, dressed in hospital attire, stands outside the doors of the trauma clinic, and then, gathering her courage, pushes thru the doors and her fears, to begin her nursing career.

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Army Wives Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Pamela: Who would have thought that I'd be the good girl?
Scott: I did.

I am wandering into Marilyn territory.