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As everyone was waiting for Frank to come off the bus it was apparent that someone was noticeably absent - Lt. Col. Joan Burton.

Roland was waiting but Joan was no where to be seen. Claudia Joy cleared the issue up by asking Roland how long Joan would be off post.

Roland replied that the inpatient PTSD program was 30 days and so she had 26 more to go. You could tell Roland was missing his wife terribly, it was written all over his face and in his eyes.

After the returning soldiers came off the bus and reunited with their families Colonel Holden gave a small speech and then introduced Major Sherwood to say a few words.

Maj. Frank Sherwood took this opportunity to share with everyone exactly what happened after their Black Hawk went down.

After the brief ceremony Frank, Denise and Jeremy returned home where Frank saw all the flowers, sign and yellow ribbons that decorated his home and yard. His only comment was that it looked like a memorial.

Denise told him that there were many who were worried about him. Frank then cries. He told Denise and Jeremy that there were times when he didn't think he would ever see them again and that he would die.

Not knowing exactly what to say Denise takes Frank into the house to lie down while Jeremy gathered his bags from the car.

Roxy and Pamela were enjoying the hot weather and the sun when Roxy said she needed to leave to pick up Trevor and the boys from the pool.

Trevor wanted to get in some 1-on-1 time with the boys before he deployed and so Roxy stayed back to let them have bonding time, but it was almost 5 and she needed to go get them.

Trevor has his hands full. The boys are running around, not listening and when 5:00 came around he looked like he was going to lose it.

Neither of the boys stopped to face the flag and Trevor was annoyed and embarrassed. In the parking lot he reminded them what 5 o'clock retreat meant and that they needed to show respect.

Roxy LeBlanc then showed up and reminded Trevor that it is hard to get them to stand still for two seconds at anytime.

The boys were still acting up and were throwing their toys around in the chaos of it all Trevor tripped and wrenched his knee.

Later that night while Roxy and Trevor were in bed their phone rang.

Trevor said it couldn't be good and answered it.

He asked Roxy if she knew a Mrs. Brooks. Roxy's face went pale and she said that she did know her. Trevor told her that she was waiting at Gate 4.

When Roxy got to Gate 4 Mrs. Brooks was there, she turned out to be Marta, Roxy's mom. Roxy asked why she was there and Marta said she was there to visit her daughter and grandchildren and that she was invited.

Roxy clarified that an invitation at the end of a phone conversation was just her being polite, she didn't really mean it.

At the Sherwood home Denise and Frank were also talking about things. Denise offered to listen if Frank needed to share anything.

The conversation lead to Jeremy and his decision to not attend West Point. Frank said that at least at first, he was disappointed, but now Jeremy's decision was okay with him. H

His main question to Denise was why she didn't tell him about this. Denise told Frank that she wanted to work it out herself.

The next morning in the kitchen Frank and Jeremy had their first real talk about what's next since there is no West Point in his future.

Jeremy shared plans to attend Jr. College in the fall and take architecture since all their travels gave him a great love of old buildings.

Frank was very supportive of this choice and told his son "From one man to another, thank you for taking care of your mom while I was gone."

Frank also mentioned that he had two weeks leave and was probably going to deploy shortly thereafter. Jeremy tried to tell Frank about his abusive behavior towards Denise but he just couldn't and left the house.

At the Holden house Claudia Joy went into Amanda's room to find Evelyn using Amanda's make up. She asked Evelyn if her sister knew she was in there.

Evelyn shared with Claudia Joy that Amanda is never home and never spends anytime with her or the family and that she would rather make out with Jeremy Sherwood than be at home.

This was the first time Claudia Joy had any knowledge that something was going on between her daughter and Jeremy.

For the past couple of episodes we have seen the two of them growing closer to the point of having a kiss on the 4th of July but we didn't know it was going anywhere until this moment.

Claudia Joy went straight to Michael to share what she had found out and asked for his opinion on what to do about it.

  • Michael wanted to go to the Sherwood home and discuss it with Denise and Frank, but Claudia Joy insisted that they do not.
  • Claudia Joy suggested that they do nothing for now and see what happened.
  • Michael reluctantly agreed to go this route.

At the hospital Roland and Roxy ran into each other in the waiting room while Roxy waited for Trevor to come from his appointment.

Roxy shared her concern with Roland about him not returning messages and answering his phone. She asked if he was doing okay and said that she understood his missing Joan and needing to keep busy.

Roland didn't talk much and said goodbye.

When Trevor emerged from the doctor's office he told Roxy that he had a torn ACL and that meant surgery and 6 months of physical therapy, in short he would not be deploying with his unit.

Roxy could not hide her happiness at that but it was obvious Trevor was heartbroken about it. They went home and Roxy got ready for work.

When she arrived at the Hump Bar she shared her concerns with her co-worker. She admitted that she hoped Trevor would get a medical discharge so he would never have to leave home.

Her co-worker said she was being selfish and that the army is Trevor's identity, if you take it away what would he have left.

This left Roxy thinking hard. She went right to work but was interrupted by a furious Marilyn who accused her of telling Trevor about the affair with Eddie because her husband, George, found out about it.

Roxy denied telling Trevor but let it slip that Pamela knew. Marilyn was shocked and said she should never have trusted Roxy at all.

Marilyn went straight to Pamela's house.

Pamela was busy fixing the sink when Marilyn arrived. Marilyn accused Pamela next of telling people about her affair.

When Pamela denied it Marilyn accused her of lying because she lied about the twins for over 9 months. Pamela had enough and told Marilyn that was a low blow even for her.

She said they had never liked each other but she wouldn't tell anyone. She then said if Marilyn was so miserable she should do everyone a favor and leave her husband, get a divorce, get off post and get a life.

The look on Marilyn's face showed that she knew Pamela was right but all she could say in return was that she couldn't leave, she wished she could but army life was the only life she knew and she couldn't go.

With that she left the house and Pamela went to see Roxy.

When Pamela asked why she would tell Marilyn that she knew about the affair Roxy could only apologize and share all that had been going on with Trevor, her mother and apologize to Pamela.

Now knowing all that had been going on she laughed off the issue and then jokingly offered to have a drink with Roxy. She then said she would be by the next day to meet "the mother."

Roxy returned to find Marta and Trevor playing poker in her room.

With a louder than usual tone, she then stated that entertaining was to be done in the living room, then went into the kitchen to clean up.

Marta came in after her to tell her that she loved Trevor and that Roxy had finally made a good choice. Roxy point blank asked Marta why she was there.

Upon returning home Denise found Frank packing a bad for Jeremy.

She told Frank that she was handling it and that Jeremy was their son and he couldn't do this. She told him that she was working on forgiving and that it was for her to do that not Frank.

When Jeremy walked into the house Frank thre the duffel bag at him and told him to get out. He said that no man was ever going to hit his wife and that hitting her was like hitting him.

He slammed the door on Jeremy. When Denise argued the incident Frank simply stated that Jeremy was dead to him. He then got dressed and headed to the Holden's house. When he arrived he spoke to Col. Holden.

He thanked him for helping Denise out while he was deployed. Michael told Frank that Jeremy asked for his help and that he intended to help him.

Frank told him to keep him and Denise out of it, that he no longer considered Jeremy his son. With that he left the Holden home.

The next morning Jeremy went to the Holden house to see Amanda. Colonel Holden told him that he was not allowed to see Amanda.

Jeremy told Col. Holden he had no one else to talk to. Col. Holden said he would not be allowed to see Amanda until he earned his trust.

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