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Pamela is standing around and biding her time, trying to keep herself busy by helping out at the bar because she's got nothing better to do.

Trevor's news comes within the first minute of the episode: a doctor clears him to return to combat. But from there, Trevor and the remaining questions about his future are sidelined as Roxy is confronted by another problem.

Roxy never wanted to see her mother again but Marda shows back up with a new fiancé named Jerry and an insistence that she's not drinking anymore.

Roxy, however, isn't quite buying the new Marda. Since the last time she saw Marda, Roxy has begun going to her support group for families of addicts, and it has only given her more ammunition to be angry at her.

When the register at Betty's comes up short $380, Roxy is suspicious. Roxy confronts Marda, who pleads innocence, and Roxy declares that this was the last straw and this time she never wants to see Marda again.

At the end, Marda comes back to the bar with the money - it was Jerry who took it. Marda breaks down, but Roxy isn't about to console her.

Roland and Joan getting on each other's nerves about their approaches for how best to take care of the baby. Claudia Joy, observing how frazzled and tired Roland is, volunteers to babysit.

Joan (Wendy Davis) freaks out about leaving their daughter for the first time, and Roland pretty much has to drag her out the door. Even on a date, Joan is checking her phone for voicemails that aren't there.

Denise (Catherine Bell) invites Mac, the double-amputee soldier from whom she first got the motorcycle earlier this season, to come back to town to speak about his ordeal for a "Warriors in Transition" program.

Mac and Denise proceed to flirt for the whole episode.

While Denise appears to be ready to try her luck with a new romance, Frank is not. For whatever faults Frank may have that led to him pushing Denise away, the man believes in honoring his marriage at all costs.

A fellow female officer whom Frank meets in Iraq starts making sweet eyes at him, but Frank is oblivious, and calls Denise, who ignores the call as she's with Mac and lets it go straight to voicemail.

Emmalin and Logan are hanging out, as Emmalin does her math homework. A makeout session ensues. So much for them being just friends.

Logan tells Emmalin that he's worried about the secret of their relationship getting out, but he apparently isn't so worried that he hasn't been doing a little bit of bragging to somebody - some of his fellow soldiers.

Logan gets into a fight in the mess hall with a fellow soldier who loudly announces to the room that Logan is "nailing Holden's daughter."

Seated nearby to hear everything is Evan Connor.

Evan brings the news to Michael - and give Evan credit for doing it in a sympathetic and discreet way, pulling Michael aside in the office.

Michael and Claudia Joy confront Emmalin. They know that Emmalin has been lying to them, and punish her, grounding her for the lying.

But Michael just can't bring himself to strictly forbid that Emmalin see Logan. Michael is operating under the recollection that when they tried to ban Amanda from seeing Jeremy, it only made Amanda more resolute.

Jennifer runs into Emmalin, who vents about her parents. Jennifer continues to stir up trouble, telling Emmalin that the way she talks about Logan sounds like real love and she can't give up on it.

Jennifer encourages things by giving Emmalin a pair of concert tickets and suggesting that Emmalin use them on a date. Emmalin thinks it's cool, like this is the type of mother she wishes she had.

When Claudia Joy learns what's happening, she is far from pleased. She is righteously pissed at Jennifer's interference.

Meanwhile, Evan is a jerk to Trevor for no reason at all, carping at Trevor in the mess hall without even looking Trevor in the eye.

Later, however, he appeared compassionate in discreetly letting Michael know the rumors about Emmalin and Logan.

It's like the more we find out about Evan, the less we know him.

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Army Wives Season 2 Episode 17 Quotes

The fastest way to lose her is to forbid this. It's also the fastest way to heat it up.


I know you don't have children. But you should really watch those wildlife documentaries about what happens when you try to come between a mother and her child. It doesn't end well

Claudia Joy