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Jordanna, Frank's fellow officer in Iraq who started throwing off a vibe of interest in Frank as soon as we met her, starts getting personal, but Frank shuts the door, telling her she knows nothing about him.

Meanwhile, Denise has started dating Mac. She goes ahead and kisses him at a restaurant, though it's explained away as Denise just trying to help a self-conscious Mac who was being ogled by fellow restaurant patrons.

But when Denise kisses him again the next day, there are no such excuses. It is just Denise going for what she wants.

Frank, meanwhile, apologizes to Jordanna, and Jordanna invites him over to her quarters for some coffee. Frank seems to actually believe it really is just an invitation for coffee, but Jordanna has other ideas.

Jordanna starts talking about how the way Frank speaks of his wife is the most romantic thing she's ever heard, and plants a big kiss on him, which eventually Frank reciprocates. The scene of Frank and Jordanna kissing is blended in with a scene of Denise and Mac in bed together.

Pamela's daughter Katie isn't around to see any of that. Pamela is accosted by a bunch of sneering moms when Katie explains in great detail to everyone at third-grade recess how babies are made. Yikes.

Meanwhile, Marda is still here, and Trevor is still dealing with the matter of his being cleared to go back to war. Roxy gets an unexpected call that Betty has succumbed to cancer.

Trevor sits down for a talk about how Marda needs to give up drinking if she's ever going to have a real relationship with them, and then Trevor drags Marda to her first AA meeting.

Roxy is proud when she hears the news.

Elsewhere, the show's newest mom is returning to work, but Joan is stressing out over Sara. Joan starts crying before she's supposed to go out, telling Roland she doesn't think she can go through with it.

Roland is eventually able to urge her to go.

Joan bristles when Evan comes to say hi, implying that Evan must be unhappy to see her back. Evan acts confused. When Joan suggests that Evan has been punishing Trevor, Evan is insulted and tells Joan to stop treating him like a subordinate, when they are of equal rank.

Evan has filled Trevor's spot in his old unit.

Evan spins it that Trevor is being acknowledged for his accomplishments; he's being reassigned to the top infantry unit at the post, where Trevor will be made a corporal and a Team Leader.

It's a promotion, but it's one Trevor doesn't really want. As is usually the case, there are multiple ways to look at Evan's actions.

Claudia Joy and Michael still aren't happy about Emmalin seeing Logan, but they're resigned to it. While they'll allow the relationship, they cannot come out and publicly support it by way of inviting Logan over.

Emmalin is not pleased by this arrangement.

Most significantly, a general from the Pentagon comes bearing news for Michael. NATO wants him as deputy commander for operations.

Michael goes to find Claudia Joy to break the news, and it happens to be at a memorial for Betty. It's the first time that Michael has gone in the bar.

Claudia Joy says that the NATO opportunity in Brussels is wonderful. Michael is worried about Claudia Joy having to leave her friends, but CJ says she would be fine - this is something they know they have to be ready for.

Michael has another issue, that here is where their memories of Amanda will always be, and leaving town might be like leaving Amanda behind.

Michael and Claudia Joy break the news to Emmalin - who believes this is all about her - that somehow NATO offering Michael a job is all a conspiracy to keep her away from Logan. Emmalin says she's not moving.

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So I can't have my boyfriend over to my own house?


[to Joan] I do this job to the best of my ability, and I will happily step in whenever you feel the need to rush home to watch your daughter blow bubbles.