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As this episode of Army Wives begins, Pamela (Brigid Brannagh) is spending time with Brenda, the reporter who wrote the article about her.

They do yoga together and get drinks and talk about how they manage when their husbands are deployed. Brenda brings up the whole no-sex thing and while the two hint about how they “handle” the situation.

Then when Brenda’s spending time at Pamela’s house, she talks about having “play dates” with other women and gives Pamela a big old kiss right on the lips.

It didn’t go any further than that but Pamela relays the whole story to Roxy (Sally Pressman). Who knows if this will go anywhere, but the prospect of Pamela cheating on Chase - with a woman - is quite the new wrinkle.

Meanwhile, Roxy’s having her own problems.

She’s studying hard for her GED practice exam but later Roland reports to her that not only did she fail, she didn’t even come close.

Roxy’s convinced she’s just not smart enough and is about to give up. Roland figures out that Roxy has a learning disability and agrees to help her with it by letting her take the tests verbally in the future.

The drug problem at the school hasn’t been resolved.

Someone is still supplying the post with fresh drugs and Evan is put on the task of figuring out who that person is. Joan is on bed rest due to a tear in her placenta but she tries to help out with the drug situation.

Evan won’t return her calls though and she has to have Trevor, who is being a really good sport in catering to Joan’s needs (which include getting her ice cream), deliver her notes to Evan personally.

She asks him to make sure Evan reads it but being Evan’s inferior, there’s really only so much Trevor (Drew Fuller) can do.

Evan has the school raided by Army guys and a locker search is done during school hours, upsetting everyone. They don’t find anything and in the end, it’s Emmalin who figures out who’s dealing the drugs.

Michael was on her about staying away from drugs earlier in the episode and the two had an argument, after which Claudia Joy reminds Michael not to talk to Emmalin the way he would talk to his staff.

Emmalin seems to be paying close attention to how Quinn behaves with the guards when coming in and out of post and she notices some of the shadier people Quinn associates with. She inevitably calls the MPs.

Sure enough, Quinn is indeed the supplier.

Emmalin has a good conversation with her parents about it later, telling her father that he taught her to always be aware of what people are doing.

Michael and Claudia Joy are both proud of her and it seems evident to both of them that their daughter is growing up well. Emmalin visits Quinn at the jail where he’s being held and essentially tells him off.

Joan is unhappy that Evan is ignoring her and Trevor picks up on that. He invites Michael and Evan over to Joan’s house where she’s wearing a bathrobe and pajamas and picking at some food.

Michael tells her that the whole drug situation is handled and commends her on the part she played. As they’re about to leave, Joan speaks up, saying she had no part in the raid on the school.

She says she disagreed with that tactic, believing it would shine a poor light on the Army by making them look like the bad guys.

They should’ve spoken to the faculty and staff and done the raid during non-school hours. Michael seems to like this proposal and asks her to write it up for future reference.

She tells him she did write it up and gave it to Evan two days ago. Evan has a smile planted on his face but it’s doubtful he’s all that happy to be called out like this.

After Evan and Michael leave, Joan tells Trevor it was inappropriate for him to bring them over and not to let it happen again but she has a smile on her face. She’s happy she got to speak up.

Things aren’t so good for Trevor though. His arm is doing much better but still not good enough for the doctor to clear him to return to his unit. He’s also really hurting and out of pain meds.

Finally, Denise spends time in the hospital with Getti, who is in a coma. She gets home just after Frank arrives.

He’s trying to be affectionate with her and she eventually tells him that one of the doctors at the hospital was in an accident.

She’s almost casual about it because she can’t tell Frank that Getti and she were close. Frank tries to be supportive but he can tell something’s not right and goes to visit her in the hospital later.

He sees her holding Getti’s hand and kissing it. He leaves without her ever having seen that he was there.

Denise gives Getti some encouraging words but he’s not responding at all. Just after Denise leaves his side, Getti’s heart stops.

He has a do-not-resuscitate order in his living will so the doctors don’t try to save him and he dies.

Whether the tension died with him is another story.

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