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The rock, Michael Holden, is finally in pain.

It was fitting that the General wouldn't make it easy for Claudia Joy to find out what was bothering him. A man of his stature doesn't show a soft underbelly to anyone, not even to his wife. He's simply trained - interally programmed, even - not to.

George's sister, appears. It was unexpected that the sister of the guy who bombed the Hump Bar would approach the Holdens, but it made sense in a way because it gave Claudia Joy a chance to counsel Michael.

That Claudia Joy was even talking was a reversal from previous weeks. The Messenger must have made an impression.

Michael, it turns out, blames himself for the bombing because of a command decision. Second guessing himself for an order he didn't give is just the way he operates - even if he's not fair to himself.

Leah showed the guilt felt by the family of someone who does a heinous act. But Roxy is adamant that the Hump Bar not become a memorial. Fort Marshall has enough tributes to the dead.

In her tirade at the radio station, Roxy "has at it" all right, defending not only Betty's decision to rebuild the bar - and her connection to it because she grew up there and her father owned it - but the importance of the bar as a meeting place separate from the army.

The Joan-Roland story, meanwhile, is coming together too. He's found a new career - teaching and helping children - he's understanding more re: Joan's hormonal issues. She listens to his advice about how to deal.

Trevor's injury in Iraq was one you could almost see coming. You knew the moment you saw him in that marketplace, laughing with a buddy and playing with local kids, something bad was going to happen.

All of a sudden, Trevor noticed a guy with a rifle and when he warned everyone to get down, he was shot in the shoulder.

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If I was the crying type, I'd be balling my eyes out.


Cancer may kill my body, but it ain't going to kill my soul.