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In "Thank You For Letting Me Share," several of the plot lines deal with the concept of perception and judgment within a close community.

While the last episode ended with Roxy and her friends, this time Roxy ends the episode with a group of anonymous strangers at a support group for family members of addicts.

Roxy only gets there at the end, but Trevor is there from the start.

Trevor has dutifully begun going to his own addiction support group meetings, without voicing a single complaint about it.

Trevor's in pretty good shape here in this episode.

Roxy, on the other hand, struggles.

The stress of Trevor's ordeal, combined with her regular responsibilities with the bar and with the kids, eat away at her mentally and physically.

Roland tells Roxy that she should get some help of her own. Trevor mentioned a support group for families at the beginning of the episode, but Roxy wasn't listening. But oxy goes to her own meeting at the end.

Roland's dealing with his own issues. His mother arrives, and Vivian Burton is a controlling mother who starts taking charge of the baby.

She starts browbeating Roland about an issue which will always linger below the surface in the Burton clan. Mrs. B declares that the husband is supposed to be the breadwinner and the wife is supposed to raise the children.

The whole issue of whether Roland is really sacrificing his career and underachieving may never go away. But Roland is content with his life.

Joan also tells him that even though Vivian may not always show it, she certainly respects and admires what her son has become.

Chase is back in town, and Pamela tells him about her recent ordeal. Chase tries to be protective and tells Pamela to lay low, something Pamela is not necessarily good at.

Claudia Joy tips Michael off to Denise's semi-affair with Getti, and Michael is taken aback. Michael calls it the deepest betrayal that a person could do to somebody serving overseas.

Claudia Joy tells Denise that she needs to be ready for backlash.

Not that many people will know the truth, hopefully, but if the truth does start to trickle out, people could have some very harsh reactions.

Denise decides to stand up for herself to Michael. Later, Denise decides to get a tattoo - a couple of Sanskrit characters.

There's a new arrival on post. Evan Connor has a wife, Jennifer, and she is only now arriving at Fort Marshall.

If Joan inherently distrusts Evan because he's a career soldier who's never actually gone to battle, then it stands to reason that family members might distrust the Connor family as well. They're  not "one of us."

Still, nobody voices such skepticism of Jennifer at the beginning. But everyone on post quickly forms opinions about her.

Jennifer suggests a fundraising calendar of Hot Army Wives, but conservative Claudia Joy tampers the idea down from something sexy to slice-of-life shots. So that's the calendar that the group goes with.

Jennifer continues to rock the boat afterward, telling Roxy and Pamela how she understands that Claudia Joy has a vice grip over everyone else and nobody seems to ever question the den mother. Passive-agressive, she.

In any case, Jennifer organizes a competing calendar of women in glamour shots. Roxy, Denise, and Pamela consider it to be an act of war.

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Army Wives Season 2 Episode 15 Quotes

Guy at Bar: Relax, he's just having a good time tonight.
Roxy: A good time? I'm up to my neck in other people's good times. Gettin' drunk and losing control, that's not good times. And you know what the problem is, it's never YOUR FAULT! What about the people who have to pick up the tab for that, huh? What about THEIR good times? You don't even care about the people you leave in your path!

Roland: Roxy, No offense, but you look like death warmed over.
Roxy: Trevor has his meeting tomorrow and I got the early shift with the boys, so I cannot be sick. [sneezes]
Roland: Apparently your body didn't get that memo.