Picking up where Leaving the Tribe left off, it's becoming clearer than ever how Denise is treading on dangerous water with Getti.

While Denise (Catherine Bell) and Getti are getting flirty, talking bikes together and saving lives in the E.R., Frank is chatting up one of his buddies while enjoying some beverages in the hot desert sun.

Frank’s pal talks about how his marriage fell apart while he was overseas. His wife started to and drift away from him and he lost her to another guy. Frank decides the best course of action with Denise is to put her bike up for sale... without telling her.

When some guy stops buy to check out the bike, Denise tells him it’s not for sale. She then has a webcam conversation with Frank about the bike.

Frank says he feels like Denise is changing and he can’t keep up.

Denise decides to sell the bike, much to Getti’s dismay. She takes it out for one more spin and Getti finds her at this infamous pancake place.

They both get called away by the hospital but when Denise finds she’s out of gas, she ends up hitching a ride on the back of Getti’s bike.

Meanwhile, the body of a fallen soldier, Ernie, is found in Vietnam. It turns out, his closest relative, his daughter, lives on post.

Michael (Brian McNamara) goes to talk to the woman but she says she never knew her father. He died before she was born and she has no interest in participating in the memorial services.

After talking to Michael about it, Claudia Joy (Kim Delaney) vows to find someone else who is close to him to be there at the funeral.

She tracks down James (Dan Lauria), who was Ernie’s best friend back when they enlisted. James is very emotional when talking to Claudia Joy and Michael about his friend.

He says Ernie didn’t know he was going to be a dad until they were already over in Vietnam. After that he sent letters and pictures to his daughter’s mother all the time.

He loved his daughter even before she was born and unfortunately, didn’t live to get to meet her.

Claudia Joy goes to talk to Ernie’s daughter, who says she hasn’t even told her kids about her real father because she doesn’t want them fearing that she might not return the next time she’s deployed.

Claudia Joy explains how important it is to all of the families of people who died at war and didn’t return that she show up at the service.

This does the trick and the woman attends the services. She shares some tearful eye contact with James as they pass the folded flag.

Finally, Trevor comes home and the doctors finish patching him up. Everyone says he’s a hero for shooting that terrorist in the marketplace.

Roxy’s trying to make him feel better (heh heh) but he’s clearly distracted. Finally, he explains to her that he doesn’t like that people think he’s a hero because he just reacted on instinct.

Roxy assures him that he was brave for how he acted and he didn’t shoot an innocent man so there’s nothing to feel bad about.

She adds that the fact that he does feel guilty for killing a terrorist makes her love him even more. Still, Trevor feels intense guilt.

Pamela (Brigid Brannagh) has Trevor on her radio show and he starts out by saying he’s not a hero, he just did his job.

Joan meets the man set to take over her job when she goes on leave.

Evan is a charming man who has already expressed an eagerness to climb the military ladder, despite never having seen combat.

Joan is unnerved by this as she’s just entering her second trimester. It seems like it’s too soon to be dealing with her replacement.

Roland tells Joan that mothers are the fiercest fighters when it comes to protecting what’s theirs. This reassures her, at least for now.

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Army Wives Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

[showing up late to meet Denise] I got directions from that Deliverance banjo kid and I don't like the way he was looking at me.


It feels like you're changing, baby.