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This episode of Army Wives is called "Transitions," and that's exactly what we're ready for. Trevor said it again this week: two or three years is about as long as a soldier can realistically expect to be stationed at a post.

In the midst of her separation from Frank, Denise has been acutely aware for a while now that she may not be an Army wife for too much longer.

But in this episode, her own drama takes a backseat as Denise finds herself in the role of trying to help out a young woman who is not at all ready to possibly leave this lifestyle.

At the hospital, Denise meets Renee, a young woman whose husband Ryan has been injured in battle.

Ryan has suffered from a head trauma that may potentially lead to blindness, which would certainly mean the end of his Army career.

Renee isn't going to be allowed to stay overnight in the hospital with Ryan, so Denise offers that Renee can stay with her.

Denise talks with Claudia Joy about the fact that Army spouses don't have much in the way of resources for transitioning to post-Army lives.

Soldiers have job training programs, spouses don't.

Claudia Joy discusses it with Michael, and Michael signs off on the idea.

It turns out that such a program won't actually be necessary for Renee and Ryan, as Ryan is told by the doctors that he be 100 percent eventually.

Trevor's military career is in jeopardy. And for the first time, thanks to the inner peace his addiction meetings have given him, Trevor is feeling ready to accept that possibility.

He tells Roxy that if his Army career is indeed over, he'll be able to accept that. Trevor suggests a move to Wyoming.

Wyoming doesn't sound so appealing to Roxy, though. But she really doesn't want to be anywhere else other than here. But Trevor says there's no way he'd ever be able to stay in an Army town without being able to serve.

Roxy places a call to Betty, now totally bald from her chemo in California. Roxy thinks she's going to get support, but she gets something else. Betty advises that Roxy should go with her man, wherever he wants to go.

After the chat with Betty, Roxy tells Trevor that she'd be willing to move, to Wyoming or wherever Trevor desires. But Trevor has had a change of heart in the interim.

His love for the Army is so great that even if he can no longer be a soldier, he'd hope to help out in some type of civilian capacity.

As for Pamela, Chase's unpredictable, elite Army job taking a toll on his children. Chase organizes a birthday party for son Lucas, but those plans are scuttled when Chase gets an overnight call that he needs to ship out.

As Chase goes to kiss the children goodbye, Lucas is furious.

Without his father, Lucas starts acting out, faking illness, refusing to talk to Pamela, and sneaking out of the house and hiding in a closet.

With this trouble on the heels of Pamela's recent stalker scare, Chase's absence from the Moran household is becoming more pronounced than ever.

Vivian Burton is still in town, and Roland's mom is still of the mind that a man should provide for his family and a wife should be the one to stay at home. But that's a nonstarter for Roland and Joan.

Instead, the focus is on getting a nanny so that Roland and Joan can both continue their careers. But the whole nanny angle is also a nonstarter.

Plan B is for Roland and Joan to ask Mrs. Burton if she'll stay in town and help out with the baby. But Vivian declines, saying that she has her own life to get back to, with friends and a job that she cares about.

So it's on to Plan C. Roland decides that he'll be a stay-at-home dad.

Katelyn Pippy Emmalin's Army pen pal Logan is returning from Iraq, and wants to meet Emmalin. The first thing he says is how pretty Emmalin is.

Jennifer Connor watches them like a hawk from the background.

As she talks with Claudia Joy about the fundraiser, Jennifer casually mentions Emmalin and her new boyfriend, to Claudia Joy's surprise.

Claudia Joy checks in with Emmalin, who assures her that she and Logan are only friends. Michael tells Claudia Joy that there's no reason to worry.

He already did a background check on Logan, after all (typical Michael) and found that he's a good guy who would never cross the line.

Jennifer then runs into Emmalin once again, after Emmalin has gone on her first non-date with Logan and returned totally smitten with him.

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Army Wives Season 2 Episode 16 Quotes

Trevor: What am I supposed to do here if I'm not in the Army?
Roxy: You could help me run Betty's?
Trevor: Babe, I love you, but I don't want to run the bar.
Roxy: But I do.

Trevor: What about when we met? When we met you said all you ever needed in life was me and the boys.
Roxy: Yeah, well you said the same thing about me.