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The much-anticipated Season 2 of Army Wives begins four days after Season 1, using Pamela's radio show to reveal what happened.

Told from Pamela's point of view, the story unfolds layer by layer, creating suspense as we wonder who made it out of the bar alive.

When Pamela explains that someone as close as family has slipped away, and Denise is in the hospital and starts to cry, it appeared Claudia Joy may have been a casualty. But aside from some scratches and bandages, Claudia Joy and Amanda are both fine.

Roxy, though okay physically, was a complete wreck and desperately needs to know that Trevor, who deployed before the explosion, was all right.

Roxy later mistook CID investigators for U.S. Army reps there to tell her Trevor's dead. He's not - but knowing that Roxy is relatively new to being an Army wife, her confusion was easy to understand.

She's in her pajamas for most of the episode, not bothering to dress, and incapable of moving from the house until she knows her man is safe. S

Ever the therapist, it's Roland who counsels Pamela about her guilt feelings regarding Marilyn. In flashbacks, she relates what she wished she'd done for Marilyn, then what she actually did, which was giving her the keys to her car so Marilyn could meet Eddie at the bar.

Roland also proved to be a stand up guy, apologizing to Joan for the affair he had while she was away. It looks like step #1 towards reconciliation, though she still doesn't know what she's going to do about her pregnancy.

As for the bomb, it turns out the trigger didn't go off the first time.

Marilyn's lover, Eddie, struggled with George and in those moments, Roland saved Denise. Betty forced Roxy out the door. Amanda, meanwhile, wouldn't leave without mom Claudia Joy.

But it was the tears shed by Michael, the ultimate stoic solder, that said it all. The patient could not be revived, and when Claudia Joy comes to in the hospital, it's clear Amanda didn't make it.

The pain, the finality, the devastation of Amanda's death cannot be expressed in words.

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Army Wives Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

Show me the mother, and I'll show you the child.


Claudia Joy: Why did you go into that bar, Amanda?
Amanda: For you, Mom.