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Roland and Joan had an appointment for Sarah Elizabeth to get into school. Joan was unable to make the appointment, but Sarah Elizabeth was accepted.

Claudia Joy starts her first day at the law firm and is immediately drawn into a deposition with Professor Chandler. She is treated poorly and resigns but doesn't follow through after a frank discussion with Professor Chandler.

Trevor seems completely disengaged from his family. Pamela's kids don't even want to spend the night at the LeBlanc's because they no longer like TJ. TJ breaks Pamela's sons arm while playing and Roxy is bereft. Roxy and Pamela renew their vows of friendship.

The ladies plan a shower for Tonya and, in the process, Tonya gets the jitters that she and Jeremy shouldn't get married. Crisis averted and the shower goes on. 

It is during the shower that the black van shows up, and we are forced to wait another week for the horrible news of who has died.


Army Wives
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Army Wives Season 5 Episode 3 Quotes

Roland: I'm just that good, woman. Actually, I told them that my wife's commit to the Army was setting an excellent example for our daughter. A strong, self-reliant leader.
Joan: Hmmmm. They bought that?
Roland: They totally bought that.

You hear that baby? Mommy's gonna be there. Burton power. High five!