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As Dr. Hanson and Tanya try to save a wounded soldier's life, Denise and Jackie visit the family.

The families discover where the 32nd airborne landed by watching the news.

Gloria has a difficult time with Hector being deployed for their first time since marriage.

Roxy handles her first time as FRG leader very well, by keeping her fellow army wives informed.

Tanya struggles working with a tough surgeon in the field.

Charlie is involved with Nicole Galissini.

Trevor's group is held at gunpoint by a band of rebels, and Nicole is sent to negotiate.

Roxy finds Mingie in her garage with the door closed and the car running.


Army Wives
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Army Wives Season 6 Episode 8 Quotes

Well, I guess we know where your dad is.


If anyone's goin down you make sure it's them and not you.