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When the boys get into trouble, Joan argues with Latasha and Maggie.

Patrick gets a tip on dealing with his mom from Gloria.

Patrick wants to go into the field to get his combat patch so he's not the only man with a platoon without one.

Maggie's step daughter goes over her minutes on her phone but doesn't want to pay for them.

Joan blames Latasha and Maggie when David gets into trouble with their sons.

Patrick hits on Gloria, but she initially refuses.

Latasha reads Joan the riot act.

Gloria confides in Jackie that someone asked her out.

After they were fired upon, Cruz opens fire on nothing and puts the squad in danger.

Gloria attends a restaurant with Patrick, and when she thinks it's too fancy, he says he's up for anything.

With Michael's help, Frank sets up a romantic video dinner with Denise for their anniversary.

Gloria and Pat get it on.

Holly thinks if it's meant to be with Gloria and Pat, it will be.

Pat gets news that he's set to deploy tomorrow to replace the injured man from the 32nd Division.

Army Wives
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Army Wives Season 7 Episode 5 Quotes

Patrick: You don't know my mother.
Gloria: Guess I'm lucky.

Holly: Isn't this just wonderful?
Gloria: What?
Holly: This! You and me, roommates. I could just sing!.
Gloria: Oh please don't, it's early.