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Hector finds out about what's happening between Gloria and Patrick.

Colonel Young pushes the idea of purchasing land in case someone decides to develop it.

The Claudia Joy Foundation is coming up short for the park in her name.

Truman seems to have a difficult time cleaning his weapon.

The girls decide to use Holly's incredible math skills to get the rest of the money for Claudia Joy's park by playing blackjack.

Kat's daughter Jordan wants to go Army instead of Air Force when she graduates from the Citadel.

Kat doesn't take the news about her daughter well.

Eddie talks Pat into shutting things down with Gloria to keep up morale.

Just as Pat and Hector are working out their differences about Gloria, the camp is hit.

Truman's chickens are killed in the attack.

The women hit the casino.

The casino didn't like Holly winning so they put her at a higher stakes table and give her alcohol. 

Michael and Kat start fresh.

Hector tears up Gloria's photo.

The ladies get their money for Claudia Joy's park.

Joan continues to feel guilty about being away from her children so often.

Army Wives
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Army Wives Season 7 Episode 8 Quotes

Yes, I can see the headlines now. Army wives gamble for FRG charity.


Pull it off? What is it, a bank job?