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Watch Army Wives Season 3 Episode 1
"Best Laid Plans"
Original Air Date:

Roxy, Denise, Roland and Pamela offer their support to Claudia Joy and Michael after Emmalins disappearance; Roxy struggles to get control of the bar.

Last Minute Changes
Watch Army Wives Season 2 Episode 19
"Last Minute Changes"
Original Air Date:

As the second season winds down, Roxy, Claudia Joy, Denise, Joan and Pamela all face challenges of trying to fit in, stay connected and do right by themselves and their spouses.

Denise and Mac
Watch Army Wives Season 2 Episode 18
"Departures, Arrivals"
Original Air Date:

Roland and Joan continue their struggle to balance work and parenthood; Denise and Mac continue seeing each other. Michael gets a potentially huge promotion.

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Watch Army Wives Season 2 Episode 17
"All in The Family"
Original Air Date:

Roxy's mom has a new boyfriend; Joan and Roland get a break from the baby. Claudia Joy finds someone minding her business who she'd rather not.

Watch Army Wives Season 2 Episode 16
Original Air Date:

A young wife finds a friend in one of our favorite Army Wives, while new parents search for help and a teenager encounters her pen pal.

Sad Roxy
Watch Army Wives Season 2 Episode 15
"Thank You For Letting Me Share"
Original Air Date:

A new wife is moving in. Another wife is moving on. And one might be moving out.

Roland and Joan
Watch Army Wives Season 2 Episode 14
Original Air Date:

Pamela's stalker gets his. So does Paolo. Trevor gets a wake-up call from the kids. Denise accepts herself.

Watch Army Wives Season 2 Episode 13
"Safe Havens"
Original Air Date:

Army Wives continues to build several key stories to a fever pitch in anticipation of the Season Two finale.

Great Expectations
Watch Army Wives Season 2 Episode 12
"Great Expectations"
Original Air Date:

The emotional issues involved in Claudia Joy's family turmoil and Denise's marital strife dominate this episode of Army Wives.

Watch Army Wives Season 2 Episode 11
"Mothers & Wives"
Original Air Date:

Trevor LeBlanc (Drew Fuller) has always been perfect, or close to it. Now that he's become addicted to painkillers and resorting t...

Army Wives Quotes

Give me everything you've got, baby doll, or you're gonna be looking at me from the floor.


Michael Holden: Claudia Joy Holden, after 17 years of marriage my heart still skips a beat every time I look at you.
Claudia Joy Holden: Michael James Holden, after 17 years of marriage I can't believe that tired old line of yours still works.

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Tangled up Tangled Up Gareth Dunlop iTunes
Song Pulling on a Line The Great Lake Swimmers iTunes
Bright morning stars Bright Morning Stars Abigail Washburn iTunes