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On the eleventh episode of Arrested Development Season 4, Gob's plan to take revenge on Tony Wonder unfolds with some very surprising results.


- Convinced that Tony Wonder sabotaged the illusion he attempted to perform at his wedding (which left him trapped in first a hollow boulder and then a storage space), Gob becomes obsessed with seeking revenge, and decides the best way to achieve revenge is by seducing Wonder.

- Gob proceeds with his plan of winning Wonder over, but the two begin to feel genuine affection for one another.

- A chance encounter with Ann Veal and the son she had with Wonder convinces Gob that Wonder's homosexuality is a scam. He decides that he will now out Wonder as straight.

-Meanwhile, Wonder plots with his lover Sally Sitwell. The two believe Gob to be gay, and decide that if Wonder seduces him and makes the information public, it will ruin Gob's career as a Christian magician.

- Gob develops a plan to have Wonder sleep with Ann while she wears a Gob mask - mid-coitus, she will remove the mask, proving that Wonder is indeed heterosexual.

- When Ann protests that she does not want to have sex with Tony Wonder again, Gob relents and agrees to have sex with her, while she wears a Gob mask and Gob wears a Tony mask, filming the encounter and using it to prove that Wonder is straight by having Ann remove the mask mid-coitus.

- Fed up, Ann leaves Gob’s house, running into Tony Wonder on her way out. She convinces Tony to wear a Gob mask, and tells him that she will meet him upstairs, wearing a Tony Wonder mask, and make love to him. Ann then leaves, and her plot is a success: Tony Wonder and Gob become intimate, while wearing rubber masks of each others faces.

- Michael witnesses Tony Wonder leaving Gob's bedroom, and Gob force-feeds him a Forget-Me-Now.

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Arrested Development Season 4 Episode 11 Quotes

Michael: Didn't you already try locking Tony Wonder in his trick?

Gob: Yeah, but that wasn't for revenge, that was just on spec.

Gob: I met someone. I can't really give you any information, kinda famous-y.

Michael: Well, I also met someone, also famous-y, can't give you any information. 

Gob: Is it Julie Bowen?
Michael: No, it's not. Is yours Julie Bowen?

Gob: Is yours Julie Bowen? Oh my god, Michael, you're seeing Julie Bowen?

Michael: I am not seeing Julie Bowen, but if you are, you tell me right now.

Gob: I want to hear you say the words, "I'm not seeing Julie Bowen."

Michael: I have not seen Julie Bowen.

Gob: Well, that's a funny way to phrase it.