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Deadshot returns, with Malcolm in his sights, on this episode of Arrow.

Felicity is in combat training with Diggle.

Laurel has Oliver and McKenna over for Tommy's birthday.

Malcolm invites Tommy to a gala in his honor.

China White visits someone to assist in killing Malcolm.

Oliver and Tommy have a touching conversation about their fathers.

Det. Lance remains a very poor representative of the Starling City police department.

Malcolm is names Starling City's Humanitarian of the Year.

Oliver and McKenna continue to date.

 The hit on Malcom begins.

Malcolm almost reveals himself as the Dark Archer to Tommy.

Oliver reveals himself to Tommy.

Dinah Lance returns home and pays Laurel a visit.

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Arrow Season 1 Episode 16 Quotes

So you're hoping aircraft maintenance is genetic?


Slade: I do have one idea. If you go into the forest and gather as much bamboo as you can find...
Oliver: Yeah?
Slade: We can build ourselves a boat, like they did on Gilligan's Island.