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Felicity takes to the field on this episode of Arrow.

Oliver still hasn't apologized to Diggle.

Moira remembers Walter before they were an item, when Robert and Malcolm were discussing flattening the Glades to rebuild.

Laurel tells Oliver Tommy broke up with her.

Felicity goes to Diggle to get him to help with the Walter lead, despite Oliver's hotheadedness. Diggle will only accept an apology from Oliver.

Tommy tells Laurel he broke up with her because she belongs with Oliver.

Felicity's field trip goes wrong.

The casino manager says Walter was killed.

Oliver tells Moira and Thea Walter is dead, from information provided by one of Diggle's army buddies.

Moira confronts Malcolm about having Walter killed. He turns on a camera and Walter is still shown alive. Oliver learns they are in it together, until the Undertaking is complete.

Oliver finds Walter and he is freed.

Frank Chen helped Malcolm to sink the Gambit.

Oliver tells Laurel he can't talk to Tommy about not loving her, because it would be a lie and he has too many lies in his life already.

Oliver goes to Diggle, apologizes and tells him Moira is working with Malcolm.

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Arrow Season 1 Episode 21 Quotes

Laurel: Then help me understand. If our relationship is going to end, at least let it end with honesty.
Tommy: Okay Laurel. Honestly, you belong with Oliver.

Diggle: What did you want?
Felicity: Is that any way to treat a girl who just walked up six flight of stairs?
Diggle: No, it's not. Welcome.