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After Slade threatens to take away everything he loves, Oliver decides to surrender. Felicity and Diggle, believing surrender will surely lead to his death, go to extreme measures to keep Oliver from doing what he wants.

Oliver doesn't show up to his own mother's funeral.

Somehow, Blood is sworn into the office of mayor of Starling City on the same day as Moira's election. 

For some reason, Isabel is at Moira's funeral reception.

Lance wonders where Sara is. Laurel goes to him with concerns about Sebastian Blood. She tells him that just because she has a problem doesn't mean she was wrong about him.

Sebastian is already signing legislation on his first day in office, saying he's "still getting used" to being called Mayor.

Slade calls Sebastian and says he's his father. 

Diggle realizes Isabel was pumped with Mirakuru.

Felicity thinks Oliver and Sara might be dead.

Diggle and Felicity go to Amanda Waller for help. She at first dismisses them and agrees to help when she learns of a Mirakuru army.

Isabel serves Thea papers to vacate Verdant. One wonders how she will get word to Felicity and Diggle to clear out the Arrow lair.

Laurel goes to Sebastian for help on a case, but it's really to plant a bug under his desk.

Oliver's at the lair from which he conducts his lair -- he apparently has two.

It's very handy that Oliver has a second lair, since his other one will be gone.

Oliver thinks he's the one who has to die for everything to end with Slade.

Felicity tells him that he's wrong.

Thea wants to leave town and Oliver encourages her.

Oliver calls Isabel to meet her on the pier and says he'll be alone. He goes there and talks to himself, gets a dart to the neck, wakes up in the lair. Laurel is there.

Laurel wonders why Oliver never told her he was the Arrow. She tells him he will not commit suicide. She tells him she knows him in his bones, like she knows her own name. He can stop Slade by stopping Sebastian Blood. 

Oliver shows up for Sebastian's dinner. Diggle takes out his security guard. He and Felicity proceed to "interrogate" him by wiping him clean. Before Felicity wipes out his parents' retirement, he agrees to talk.

Laurel wants to help Team Arrow, but he wants her safe. He said it started with the three of them, and it's time they got back to that.

Felicity makes sure Oliver feels good about killing the Mirakuru army. He assures her they are not men.

Arrow is being choked by a Mirakuru man and Laurel pipes him in the head. It gives Oliver time to use an exploding arrow on him to bring him down.

Isabel shows up in a Deathstroke mask and attacks Diggle. A man in custody breaks free of his cuffs and attacks the police, Lance included.

There is a Mirakuru man at the train station where Thea is waiting.

There are too many men to fight, so Oliver says they're not going to -- he causes a collapse.



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Arrow Season 2 Episode 21 Quotes

I don't even know why I'm crying. I didn't even like Moira. Terrible thing to say about someone after they just died. In my defense, she was not nice. She was diabolical. Not a word you often hear at someone's funeral.


Sebastian: I'd love to speak with Oliver.
Thea: Well, if you see him, please tell him that he missed his own mother's funeral.