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As Laurel continues on her downward spiral, Oliver and Lance try to get Sara to stay in town to help but the League of Assassins is working against them.

Ra's al Ghul's daughter Nyssa comes to town and she uses her own passport, setting off alarms in the airport. She escapes.

Moira's campaign manager tells Oliver he has to contact Sebastian Blood about pulling his support.

Laurel is in the hospital because of her fall. She tells Lance she saw Sara even though she knows it was an hallucination.

Sara is back at the Arrow cave doing the salmon ladder. Oliver and Lance want her to go to Laurel. 

Sara flashes back to a happier time when their family was together.

Nyssa surprises Sara and Sara surprises us when they kiss.

Felicity confronts Moira about Thea's birth.

Sara asks Nyssa to ask her father to release her from the League. She says she knows that he released Malcolm Merlyn, so he's done it before.

Another flashback to Sara and Laurel, this time they are fighting over Oliver after Laurel says they're moving in together. Seconds later Sara texts Oliver that she'll see him on the dock.

At the hospital Dinah is kidnapped.

Canary and Arrow go after Nyssa and her thug to get Dinah, but don't reach her. Canary screams.

Another flashback shows Laurel and Lance talking about Oliver when they see the news report about The Queens Gambit being lost at sea.

Sebastian tells Oliver he understands he'll need to pull his support and then threatens Moira to get out.

Lance and Laurel wait for word on Dinah, but when they best Nyssa's thug, he kills himself and they get nothing.

At Moira's campaign announcement, Felicity cannot look at Moira and Thea. Oliver notices and asks her to tell him the truth. She tells him she doesn't talk a lot about her family because she doesn't like her mother and her father walked out. 

Sara tells Nyssa she'll leave and go back to Nanda Parbat if she releases her mother. 

Oliver introduces his mother, but tells her he knows.

Sara lets her father go into get Dinah, and she sees her mother briefly. She sends everyone away and collapses. She has taken the poison.

Arrow fights Nyssa. Sara asks him to let her live. She wants no more killing. She appears to die. Using a potion, Oliver saves her.

Oliver tells Moira they have no relationship. Thea must never know what happened and he'll be a liar just like her now because of it.

Laurel tells Sara that everything is her fault and asks her to get out. 

Sara goes to the Arrow cave and she and Oliver take their clothes off.

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Arrow Season 2 Episode 13 Quotes

I was with you because I loved you.


You had an affair with Malcolm Merlyn about one year before Thea was born. Merlyn is Thea's father.