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Oliver is just about to reach Thea as she reaches her breaking point, but Slade intervenes. 

Oliver has to make a choice between his family and his battle with Slade.

After an epic battle with Slade, someone on Team Arrow winds up in the hospital.

Laurel struggles with what Slade has told her.

Team Arrow destroys the Queen Consolidated Applied Sciences building and plans for the next attack.

Laurel has a wall connecting Oliver and The Arrow on her wall. She goes to see Lance and asks if he knows who the vigilante is or the girl in black. Sara shows up and she asks her if she thinks Lance is lying. 

Oliver and Moira learn they're broke and if they don't put their assets into a new trust asap Isabel might get her hands on them. They need Thea to sign.

Oliver learns he slept with the same woman as his father. Isabel had an affair with his father.

The team learns Roy cleared out his apartment.

The team heads into the Arrow Lair and Slade welcomes them home.

When Laurel goes to visit Sara in the hospital the doctor tells her that the last person who has that many scars was a veteran from Iraq.

Sara and Oliver tell Laurel it was a motorcycle accident. She doesn't believe them and seeing the scars she puts two and two together with The Arrow and Canary.

Thea blows up at Oliver. 

Caitlin and Cisco of The Flash are at STARLabs taking inventory when Deathstroke shows up hoping to get a blood centrifuge.

They use a particle accelerator of some sort on him, but Deathstroke sees what he needs and gets away.

Laurel followed The Arrow and Canary on the motorcycle to STARLabs.

Felicity goes to the lab and says hi to Caitlin and Cisco. They met because when Barry's condition deteriorated they moved him to STARLabs.

In flashback scenes Sara is asking Ivo about the cure. He gives her a key to the safe in her quarters and asks her to kill him. 

Isabel is doing all of this because Oliver's dad knew about Thea's birth and still chose his family over her and she's angry.

A prisoner gets loose and gives Lance the beat down in jail because he and the hooded freak put him there.

Laurel goes to Oliver to tell him she knows about him but she's interrupted by a call about Lance's beating.

Laurel wants to tell Lance who The Arrow is but he doesn't want to know. He'd rather do some time for him because of what The Arrow does for the city.

Oliver goes to see Thea and Felicity interrupts with news about an energy spike. She tells him not to go; to get the documents signed instead. It doesn't matter, Thea didn't wait.

Oliver arrives at the machine and the man hooked up isn't Slade, it's Roy.

Oliver and Slade fight as Oliver tries to save Roy. Oliver sends an explosive arrow into Slade and then Diggle shoots Isabel. Slade isn't dead.

Oliver has Mirakuru to make a cure. He tells everyone that he could have given it to Slade but chose to kill him instead.

Oliver tells Thea that their father chose to be her father even though he didn't have to be.

Felicity takes the Mirakuru to STARLabs to get help with the cure.

Laurel goes to Oliver and hugs him because he's important to her.

Slade brings Isabel back with Mirakuru.


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Arrow Season 2 Episode 19 Quotes

For the record, I hated her before we found out she was a super villain.


I don't think my eye holes line up properly. Is anyone else having this problem?