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Felicity tries to help Oliver when he suffers from drug induced hallucinations after a run in with Cyrus Gold. 

Barry mixes up a concoction with rat poison to inject Oliver to cure him.

Oliver begins to hallucinate and sees Shado, asking her to stay with him.

Oliver wakes up and cannot believe Felicity told Barry his secret.

Thea has Roy in her room with The Arrow's arrow still in his leg. Oliver pulls it straight out, and calls Diggle to come to the mansion with the first aid kit.

Oliver continues to see Shado walking through the mansion. She tells him he cannot fight what is coming and to take off her father's hood. It's time to live.

Flashback: Ivo enters the submarine and sees the Mirakuru. Ivo forces Oliver to choose between Sara and Shado as they are both on their knees at gunpoint.

Barry tells Oliver that there are side effects to the rat poison, including hallucinations.

Barry tells Oliver he should be wearing a mask because the greasepaint is a poor identity concealer. 

Thea, Roy and Sin go to Laurel for help locating Max's killer.

Diggle does some recon on Cyrus Gold while Oliver walks him through it. Diggle is no match for Gold and makes a hasty retreat.

When Oliver meets with Lance to give him intel on Gold, he sees Slade in the background.

Flashback: When Oliver is unable to make a choice between Sara and Shado, Ivo shoots Shado in the head.

Laurel visits the Queen mansion to give info to Thea about the blood drive.

Barry tells Felicity that he would understand why Felicity would like Oliver, and that he has experience liking someone who doesn't seem them in the same way.

There is more news about S.T.A.R. labs and owner Harrison Wells and Barry remarks he won't be back to see them turn on the particle accelerator.

Oliver is in the lab by himself and sees Slade again.

Laurel is with Sebastian Blood when she receives a phone call that her father is in the ICU. 

Barry discovers that Oliver's blood is clean, so whatever is going on with him is psychological and not medical.

Cyrus Gold kills Lance's partner and did a job on Lance. Lance tells Arrow that not every death in the city is on him.

Oliver confides in Diggle what he is seeing and Diggle tells him he saw ghosts when he got back from Afghanistan. He tells him that it's up to Oliver to determine what his ghosts are trying to tell him.

Roy breaks into the blood bank, Dr. I. Vasak's office, and discover's Max's file with the word Mirakuru on the back of his photo. Someone is pouring gasoline on the floor. Roy tries to get out but he's stopped by Gold.

The final ghost Oliver sees is that of Tommy. He tells Oliver he isn't a murderer, he's a fighter. He gives him a pep talk to finish off Cyrus Gold.

Roy received Mirakuru, but lived to talk about it.

Slade is behind Brother Blood. He has plans for his friend. Namely to destroy those who choose to follow him. Corrupt those he loves. Drive an arrow through his eye.

Flashback: When Slade awoke from the Mirakuru on the island, his first thought was of Shado, and when he found her she was dead. 

Barry left a gift for Oliver. A mask.

Barry went home to Central City where the particle accelerator had been turned on. Standing in a room with floors covered in water, hoisting chains he was struck by lightening just after the particle accelerator exploded in the background.

Oliver dons the mask just after Barry is struck.



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Arrow Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

Never meet your heroes, right?


Oliver: You told him who I am.
Felicity: Yeah, I did.
Oliver: That's not your secret to tell, Felicity. I decide who finds out my identity.