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Team Arrow investigates William Tockman, called The Clock King. He's a brilliant thief who can break into any bank in Starling City. After The Clock King breaks into the Arrow Cave, Felicity feels pressure to prove her value to the team.

Felicity gets a lead on The Clock King, and with the desire to show she's worthy of being part of Team Arrow sets out on her own to check out the lead, putting herself in danger.

Oliver throws Sara a welcome party that Laurel refuses to attend, but Lance has a dinner and Laurel decides to come. She's angry when she discovers Sara brings Oliver along and lashes out at them both.

Oliver, Sarah and Diggle compare battle wounds and Felicity adds that she had stitches when she had her impacted wisdom teeth removed.

Laurel doesn't show to Sara's party. Lance apologizes to Oliver. Oliver wishes Moira didn't attend the party. Moira tells Dinah how happy she is that Sara is back.

Felicity tries punching the bag in the Arrow Cave and Sara lends some help.

Island Flashback: A plane crashes and someone is alive inside.

Lance asks Laurel to have dinner with the family because he thinks he feels sparks with Dinah and it might help bring them closer if she remembers how happy they once were. She agrees, but only if she has it at her apartment.

While Oliver and Felicity are talking on a secure line, The Clock King breaks into their transmission. Not knowing there are two of them, Canary and Arrow split up to accomplish more.

Felicity is out of sorts when Sara is comfortable in her territory, using a microscope and computer.

Tockman hacks into their network and talks directly to all of them. He then blows up the electronics in the Arrow Cave.

Sara asks Oliver to attend the family dinner with her. When he suggests he remain behind, Felicity tells them to go together. 

Laurel almost takes pills before the dinner but she stops herself, just before Sara arrives with Oliver.

Lance tries to get Dinah to move back to Starling, but she reveals she has more than a job. She has a someone. When Sara congratulates her Laurel realizes Sara and Oliver are together.

Island Flashback: The injured pilot pulls out a photo of his daughter and asks Sara to look after his daughter.

Oliver and Laurel finally have a showdown. Laurel is blaming everyone for her problems and Oliver gives up on her.

Felicity went to Big Belly to get takout and hasn't been seen for hours. She calls Oliver from the bank where she has dangled bait for Tockman.

Felicity is wearing a leather jacket while tracking Tockman's signal.

Tockman points a gun at Canary and Felicity pushes her out of the line of fire, getting shot in the process.

Felicity and Oliver have a heart to heart.

Sara gets a job at Verdant as the new bartender.

Laurel shows up at Verdant and shares with Sara why she has reacted as she has to her return.

Sin show up to see Sara. Sin is the daughter of the pilot who landed on the island.

Laurel attends her first AA meeting with Lance.

Thea sends Oliver a text to return home in an attempt to get them to talk, and when he gets there Slade is with Moira.



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Arrow Season 2 Episode 14 Quotes

Roy: Do you two know each other?
Sara: No, we don't.
Sin: Right, we don't. I just love when people come back from the dead. It juices my zombie fetish.

Sara, when you come back from the dead you get a party. It's a Queen family tradition.