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Someone enters Iron Heights with Bronze Tiger's hand blades implanted inside him so that he can escape.

Oliver attempts to train Roy in the same way he was trained by Yao Fei, with about the same results. He tells Roy that the last person he knew who was injected with Mirakuru he has to shoot through the eye with an arrow.

Flashback: Sara tells Oliver that telling Slade he feels responsible for Shado's death will not be worth it.

Moira is going on a dinner date with Walter. Thea tells her mom she doesn't know what's up with Roy, but she wants her to have dinner with Walter.

Lance visits Laurel and he says he misses her. He asks her to dinner and she reluctantly agrees.

Bronze Tiger was broken out of prison specifically to steal a certain item.

Roy continues to get angrier as Oliver tries to teach him to control his strength. He asks that he join Oliver on the streets for one night.

Walter introduces Moira to Mark Francis, a man who wants her to run against Sebastian Blood.

Lance hoodwinks Laurel and instead of taking her to dinner he takes her to an AA meeting; a meeting from which she leaves angry to eat dinner alone.

Felicity sends Oliver to Merlyn's house, and he and Roy get there just as the Bronze Tiger is picking up the earthquake device. As Arrow takes on Tiger, Roy springs into action, but the truck gets out of the garage, device in tact.

Flashback: Oliver sees calculations in the cave and realizes Slade is going to blow up the freighter.

Roy finds Thea and tells her that she needs to leave, unable to tell her about the earthquake machine. As he's talking, he squeezes her tightly, hurting her.

Laurel goes in for a job interview with her old partner from NRI, but upon arriving learns that her boss said she cannot proceed and that the bar is opening an investigation into her dealings, which will likely mean she will be disbarred.

Thea likes the idea of her mother running for Mayor.

Roy doesn't like lying to Thea and asks Arrow how he does it. When Arrow mentions Thea's name Roy goes crazy and tosses Arrow across a roof.

Laurel is at Verdant, getting drunk. Oliver takes her keys and tells Thea to get her a cab. He then makes a call telling the person on the other end she needs them.

Bronze Tiger delivers the earthquake machine to Milo and Arrow comes in to put a stop to it.

When Roy is pounding the crap out of someone, he uncovers his head and reveals his identity. Roy is dumbfounded and finally able to control his anger to stop the bomb. Roy thanks Oliver for saving his life and giving him purpose.

Diggle and Felicity worry about whether it was a good idea to give him the information when all of his marbles aren't there. Oliver said he just knew he needed Roy's strength and Sara said love was the strongest emotion.

Flashback: Oliver tells Slade that Shado loved him and wanted him to make him home, to find his son. He talks him down from destroying Ivo's freighter so that Shado doesn't die for nothing. Slade doesn't know what is happening but Oliver intends to take the freighter so they can get off the island.

Moira decides to run for Mayor. Moira wants Walter to make certain that her OBGYN won't be a problem for them with regard to Thea's parentage.

Amanda Waller visits Ben Turner in prison to invite him to work off his sentence by joining a 'squad.'

Oliver introduces Roy to the rest of team Arrow.

Laurel starts to pass out on her couch and sees Sara.


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Arrow Season 2 Episode 12 Quotes

Oliver: You hacked into a prison system network?
Felicity: Is that judgment I'm hearing?
Oliver: Pride.

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Love's the most powerful emotion and that makes it the most dangerous.