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A metahuman with laser beam eyes is killing security guards while all of the fuss is going on over Roy Harper being named as the Arrow.

As Quentin and Laurel are about to working things out, Laurel walks in with a writ saying Lance cannot prosecute two men for the same crime and finally, someone makes sense.

At work, Ray asks how Felicity is doing, acknowledging he can put two and two together and so yes, he does know about Roy. He also recalls the I love you, suggests it was a lowercase L and with the nano bots coursing through is brain his hypothalamus was all over the place so they'd best just chalk it up to that. His face clearly speaks differently.

Roy wants to be punished for shooting the police officer, mirakuru or not. He knows the city needs Oliver more than Roy.

Oliver decides to break Roy out of prison. While they're trying to decide what to do with the metahuman on the loose, something that seems to have slipped Lance's radar, he stomps in with his warrant to take over the basement. The only fingerprints in the basement belong to Roy.

Thea goes to see Roy in jail and he tells her he's going to be fine. They get teary together. Oliver assures her he won't be in there much longer.

While Ray helps Oliver, Oliver rolls his eyes. Ray gets ready to help out, Felicity worries, Oliver cannot believe the two of them aren't in some way related. In the field, Jake Simmons schools Ray in his suit.

When Ray returns, Oliver tries to give Ray helpful advice to rely in his gut. Ray says it is his gut to rely on his tech. Oliver says that will get him killed. 

In jail, Roy is fighting off four big guys at once. He gets sliced once in the back but takes them out.

One of Lance's old bosses comes back with news to let it go. While he's talking to Thea, he gets word that Roy was attacked. Thea heads to Palmer Industries and cries on Oliver and Oliver wants to go break Roy out now. He and Diggle practically come to blows.

Felicity and Oliver talk about Oliver's lack of identity.

Roy confesses to Lance what he did to the police officer.

Felicity is accessing the grid and in what can only be an alternate universe, she is unable to recognize one of the most recognizable people on the planet.

Thankfully, Felicity had her superhero hat on and was able to turn on the steam vents. It doesn't last, but Oliver controls the ATOM suit like a video game and Ray flies in to take out Simmons. Simmons disconnects the suit's controls and Ray's on his own. Oliver talks Ray into being a hero and Ray gains his heart.

In prison, a guard kills Roy.

While Oliver is upset, Felicity and Diggle tell him they hope he's going to be OK with this...and Roy walks in. The prison guard was an ARGUS op and Roy is off to start a new life. After seeing Roy off, the look on Ray's face says we'll be seeing Roy again when Ray takes up residence in a new city.

Cisco makes an appearance when Ray takes Simmons to the STAR Labs prison. Cisco realizes that Simmons wasn't in Central City when the particle accelerator exploded, so how is he a metahuman? He was in Opal something or other.

As Thea is looking at photos of her and Roy, Ra's drops by to chat about Oliver becoming the new Demon's head. He appears to kill her before he takes his leave in the same manner in which Roy's death was faked.

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Arrow Season 3 Episode 19 Quotes

Ray: And...you are OK with this?
Oliver: We need your help.
Ray: So it's a team up! High five!

Capt. Lance: Proud of yourself, letting a kid take the fall?
Oliver: I'm not going to let him do that. Give me a pen and paper and I will sign a full confession.