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When Oliver packs for Corto Maltese to bring Thea home, Layla asks Diggle to accompany him to find one of her operatives that went missing there.

We see what happened between Thea and Malcolm when she first got in the car.

Oliver chases someone who might have info on Sara. 

Felicity tells Oliver and Roy where Thea is and they plan to go. Lyla asks Diggle to go look into an affair for her. He is reluctant to leave Sara.

Laurel visits Ted Grant about Tom Bronson. He offers that she could take lessons if she has something she wants to work off. Of course she does!

Oliver wants to see Thea alone when they reach Corto Maltese. When Oliver finds the house, Malcolm has an arrow drawn on Oliver if he should enter the house.

Oliver finds Thea acting as a waitress. She has a sassy haircut. He notes it's not the Amalfi coast, where she said she was going. He has a plane ticket for her. She has no plan to ever run to Starling City.

Felicity has a new job -- she has an executive assistant and Oliver's old office.

Diggle finds Mark Shaw (he's from Medium!).

Laurel goes to AA and tries to talk about her anger and something bad that happened, and while she's talking, Lance comes in and she has to stop. Laurel learns something bad at AA, but Lance reminds her that if the police take their badges to AA the drunks will stop coming.

Shaw and Diggle goe to a buy. He's been a station in Corto Maltese for three years. Diggle isn't an idiot and when he confronts Shaw about no buy, Shaw tasers him. Bastard!

Roy finds Thea and apologizes her. He suggests that if being here instead of home makes her happy, then she should stay. Nobody tells Thea about Sara.

Malcolm needs to train Thea as her student, not his daughter -- and he elbows her to the face.

Felicity takes a call from Diggle while in the middle of a meeting with Ray and then Laurel calls in. They want favors and Ray wonders if it's what a typical day looks like for her.

Oliver wants to tell Thea the truth. Diggle tries to talk him out of it.

Laurel decides to don a ski mask and take a bat to a street fight. Of course, she's flattened.

At the hospital, Laurel tries to talk to her dad, until he brings up The Arrow and her sister. Then she clams up and promises never to do anything like this again.

Oliver tells Thea bits of the truth. He thinks that if she knows, he'll see her differently. She reminds him that the secrets were what tore them apart. Still, Oliver continues. He tells her Robert killed himself to save Oliver for him just like Moira sacrificed herself for Thea. Even if she doesn't need him, he needs her. 

Diggle, Oliver and Roy are at the buy with bedknobs and broomsticks ... err... bows and arrows. Diggle thinks ARGUS has shown up. It's not ARGUS. Shaw was intending on selling the list of all ARGUS members.

Bad guys surround the good guys and Oliver skips the bednobs and broomsticks for a more practical gun, while Roy and Diggle throw punches. Nice laptop to the throat maneuver. Shaw put a bullseye on Diggle's family because of what Waller has made him do.

Thea fights Malcolm to go home with Ollie. He lets her win. What's his agenda?

Diggle gets home. Lyla has to go to into the office. She does whatever Amanda wants.

Laurel goes to Oliver for help training. He refuses. She turns to Ted Grant, instead.

Felicity asks for a few days off to go see her friend who was struck by lightning.

Ray looks at advanced weapons technology that Felicity uncovered.

Oliver wants to know if Thea was alright. 

Nyssa shows up. Where is Sara? Awww.

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Arrow Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

I don't want to hurt or be hurt ever again and you seem like someone who could teach me not to.


You're very perceptive Thea. Knowing what people are hiding behind their smiles, your mother had that talent.