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Oliver is having a dream about Felicity in which he tells her in the lair he will stay with her and not fight Ra's. As they lean in for a kiss after he says he's sure of one thing, that he loves her, he starts spitting out blood and sees the blade in his abdomen before he wakes up in a start.

So, he wasn't dead. Three days and the guy lived. Or something. It's really unclear, to be honest. Did Tatsu save his live or revive him? Either way, she and Maseo were NOT in contact prior to this. Maseo delivers news to Oliver that Starling City has fallen to hell in his absence. Any hope for a regular life must fly out the window. If he can't die, how's he ever going to go on a vacation?

Back in Starling, Black Canary is giving it a go. She's not great at it, by any stretch, but she's trying. Arsenal isn't pleased with her efforts. As he sews her up, he reminds her she's not her sister. When Diggle comes in equally enraged, Laurel says Oliver isn't here anymore but the Canary sends the same message. She's not here anymore, but Laurel is.

Laurel didn't quite work, but she did quit helping him with his suicide mission.

Chase and Thea cross paths outside Verdant. They discuss their previous kiss just before Malcolm shows up. He isn't happy she's not packing. She won't go until he tells her the truth. He says she's not ready for the truth. She counters that she guesses she's not ready to leave Starling City.

At the precinct, Capt. Lance asks Laurel if he's heard from Sara. She's back in town. Someone came in and said a blonde in a black mask saved his life.

When Danny Brickwell busts in on their meeting and kidnaps the Alderman Ray and Laurel fight back alongside Capt. Lance. Laurel snaps off her heel as a weapon in a pinch.

Oliver drinks his penicillin tea and chats with Tatsu about Sarab. Flashback to Oliver and Maseo searching for Tatsu. China White is in the club and Maseo says he wants to see his wife and then she can have the alpha. Tatsu is there, wondering what Maseo is doing.

Felicity tells Lance Oliver is gone when he wonders why a certain hooded gentleman didn't show up to save the day. He's surprised, considering Sara's back. Felicity is shocked and looks across the room at Laurel.

Dinah Laurel Lance, Assistant District Attorney, plays hardball with the bad guys to find out where Brick is hiding.

Roy confronts Malcolm and the two get nowhere.

Felicity tries to fix up Ray's scrapes. He tells her when he started this, is was about Anna, but now it's all about protecting the people he cares about. The city, she asks. You, he responds.

Roy is suited up as Arsenal. Diggle thought they were on the same page. Roy's going out. Diggle wants Laurel to talk them through it from the Arrow cave. She doesn't think so. Diggle tells Roy to stay safe. She stumbles and falls, a bit, but gathers together pretty quickly.

Arsenal shoots Brick and in response, he kills one of the guys and says it's on him. Arsenal scoops Black Canary up off the pavement as she looks on in horror.

There is a video online of Arsenal and Canary. WTH? The good news is people think they're doing their best. Brick calls making demands. 

Malcolm dumps a giant trash bag of crap onto Thea about why Ra's al Ghul is after him, going to far as to say the Undertaking that killed my son, as if he had nothing to do with it. 

Felicity goes to see Laurel, who is crying about the death of the Alderman. She's not putting on the mask again. She says she's not strong enough to fight for Sara. Felicity says maybe they're doing it for the wrong reasons. They're really doing it for the people still living.

The mayor, Lance and Ray meet with Ray. Brick wants them all to evacuate The Glades. Lance won't abandon and entire district. 

Lance calls Felicity. They need help and they need it now. The Arrow is gone, she tells him, but she knows where to find the Canary.

Tatsu kisses Maseo just before snipers crawl up onto the cabin. He tells the man there was no body, only tracks which led here. He's just about to go. Fight ensues he kills everyone. Flashback to a fight scene, just because.

Roy and Diggle have a drink. They toast to Oliver just as Felicity and Laurel walk in. They're going to help the city the love.

Felicity uses a computer algorithm to allow Laurel to call Lance as Sara. He thinks she's alright and they get information to help save the day.

Felicity interrupts a meeting with Ray. She needs his helicopter. 

Roy and Black Canary get the Aldermen out, but Canary is stuck in the basement with Brick. She taunts him and does her best to get a piece of him, but when she doesn't she makes a pretty cool escape out the window, latching onto the rope ladder hanging out of the chopper.

Maseo slices himself in the neck to make it look like a successful attempt of Oliver's to escape. 

Lance heads out into an alley and Canary meets him on the stairs. She's using Sara's voice. He wants to have Chinese, but she can't. She promises she's fine.

Malcolm still wants Thea to leave. She wants to know why not stay and fight, how running will make any difference. How the location will change whether Ra's wants them dead.

Felicity delivers to Ray a quantum processor he needs for his suit. If she helps him, he might not wind up date. 

Finally an interesting turn with Thea. Chase is working with Maseo and keeping an eye on Malcolm. He reports back that Malcolm won't be leaving Starling City.

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Arrow Season 3 Episode 11 Quotes

Your penicillin tea tastes like penicillin.


Roy: What the hell do you think you're doing out there?
Laurel: Same thing as you.
Roy: I've had training from Oliver and years on the streets. You have a law degree.