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Ra's al Ghul chats with Oliver about the Arrow, telling him he may not know Oliver, but he knows Arrow. Everyone will turn on him and he will die alone.

Nyssa doesn't believe Thea's confession, but Thea pleads with her to kill her for the death of Sara. Nyssa assures her the blood debt ends with Malcolm's death, which her father has no doubt already taken care of. Laurel and Roy come in to Thea's rescue, which she doesn't need. Nyssa takes Laurel out and Roy shoots Nyssa with a dart. Thea neglects telling them she let Nyssa out.

Ra's shows Oliver the Lazarus pits and reveals the water is losing its effect on him. His resurrection wasn't as a result of the waters.

Oliver asks what if he says no to Ra's offer, and he's told he'd be free to go home with his compatriots. While he doesn't say no, he does go home.

Thea sees her father in the loft again and still isn't pleased that he's there.

Diggle doesn't plan on letting Oliver off as easy as he wants it to be over.

Oliver lets Nyssa go and she doesn't know why. Nobody understands anything and Oliver's not talking. Oliver wants a crime to fight. Felicity finds a robbery in progress.

The scene calls for Black Canary to stand still long enough for her to need rescuing. Arsenal's eyes continue to looks ridiculous behind his mask.

Arrow makes a call to Lance. Lance rails at him for not telling him Sara was dead. He trusted him and now he lies and keeps secrets and doesn't have to carry the weight of his decisions.

Oliver shows up at Palmer Industries and walks in on the lovebirds having a special moments. He wants to know about Murmur. Lip sewing focuses the mind like meditation. They talk about keeping things from Lance. Felicity reaches out and touches him and he pulls away.

Laurel visits Thea to see how she's doing. Thea thinks Laurel is lucky because she has a normal father, someone who really loves her. Malcolm noisily wakes up and Thea rushes Laurel out. She has a knife in her hands, and when Malcolms calls her on it, he does it with an "I love you and I want what's best for you," BS explanation.

Ra's al Ghul delivers the news to Nyssa he's chosen an outside heir and she says she won't stand there and take it. Then don't, he says. She leaves and he heals his hand in the lazarus pits.

Oliver thinks Ra's looked into his future. When he tells Diggle, all Dig can do is put his hands to his head in frustration.

Blah blah.

Eventually Felicity weighs in and says she doesn't think he's in this so people say thank you and for some reason, she says "and yes, you and I are not together but that was your choice." Way to bring up a topic solely to cater to the fans. Odd!

They discover the police are in danger, and in his desire to stay away from the Arrow, Lance ignores a call from Felicity.

As Lance is telling Laurel he'll likely never forgive her even though she was always the protector of the family, bullets rain down upon the precinct.

Suddenly the gang's all there, including Nyssa. Where in the hell did she come from?

Felicity and Oliver chat again. Fans will say Ray is priming her for Oliver.

In the flashback, Oliver sees Shado.

Nyssa came back to catch up with Laurel. They need to bond about their fathers. Nyssa will teach Laurel how to fight, she has nowhere else to go.

Maseo lets Oliver know choosing the path of resistance is a massive mistake.

Roy is reading (as shown in the photos above) when Thea shows up. She's freaking out. She wants to stay with Roy.

Whoops. Ra's al Ghul wasn't kidding. He's going to make life hell for poor Ollie. He's the new Arrow and Arrow is bad.

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Arrow Season 3 Episode 16 Quotes

Arrow: You still need training.
Black Canary: When are you going to stop telling me that?
Arrow: When you don't need training.

Ra's al Ghul: You survived my sword. Your resurrection wasn't a gift from these waters, rather by force of your own will. What better heir to immortality than someone who has already claimed victory?
Oliver: I didn't defy death just to become an instrument of it.