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Lady Cop is robbing some robbers. Damn Rutina Wesley.

Team Arrow isn't exactly excited about Oliver's mayoral run. They want to make sure he's not in over his head. Blood used it for his lair. And downstairs is their new lair, lab and all around badass place.

Oliver tells Lance he's going to be mayor and it goes really well.

Felicity chats with Curtis about his "prank," but he says it's not him. She doesn't want to open an old wound about Ray, so doesn't listen to his code.

OK. wait. Diggle doesn't have a helmet, he has a mask? WTF? Oliver finds the SCPD costumes and immediately thinks the people who killed the detectives were police officers. 

Laurel takes Lance to Sara. He jumps. Laurel prompts Sara with photos. Sara has no idea who she is and attacks Laurel. Laurel is adamant she just needs more time.

The Arrow team gets their asses handed to them by Lady Cop and her friends. Black Canary used her kickass Canary Cry and it still didn't work. Lance recognized the obvious. They weren't cops.

Lance is moseying around the Arrow lair now. And giving Team Arrow unrestricted access to the department's computer network when the Arrow network continues going wonky since Ray's trying to break through to Felicity.

Curtis is still trying to get into the final recording Ray's suit. Felicity doesn't want to hear his voice. Curtis does not understand why she doesn't want to hear it. His brother died of pancreatic cancer six years ago, and he would give anything to hear something he had never heard again.

Lance wants news from Damien about the Lazarus Pit. His only advice is to send her back to her final resting place. 

While Felicity is looking for Lady Cop, Oliver spots Lance and Damien.

Oliver goes to confront Lance, and it's obvious once he starts talking that Lance knows who Damien is, but Lance says it's complicated. Lance gives the lay of the land. It's been a little over two months. It was benign, and by the time he figured it out, Darhk threatened Laurel. Oliver is pissed. Quit hiding behind your daughters. You see what Laurel can do out there. She can take care of herself! What's really upsetting is that Lance is the main reason Oliver decided to run for mayor. A part of him always wanted Lance to see the kind of man he really is, but he didn't expect to find out what kind of many Lance really is.

Oliver thinks the city is beyond saving, and he doesn't need to run for rmayor.

Lance gets ready to shoot Sara. Laurel walks up at that moment. He goes upstairs and there's Lady Cop. Laurel happens upstairs after them and tries to take someone down, but she's tasered. 

Everyone catches up with Lance while the cops are heading out. Oliver even gets stabbed in the back. Lance gives a rousing speech to Lady Cop, and appeals to the side of her that used to want justice for the city. It works. And it also reinspires Oliver to run for Mayor.

While he's giving his speech, someone delivers a box to Damien. Lance remains on the inside, a double agent.

Felicity heard Ray's speech.

Laurel goes to feed Sara, but she's broken free, breaking the wall even.


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Arrow Season 4 Episode 4 Quotes

Oliver: We're gonna need some money.
Felicity: Don't you mean more money?
Oliver: Mmmm hmmm.

Laurel: What did Thea think you weren't wearing?
Felicity: I have no idea.