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It's May 2013 and Tommy Merlyn's funeral is taking place on a gloomy day. The priest announces that Oliver will be saying a few words, but he's nowhere to be found. Laurel gets up and takes Oliver's place. Oliver is watching from a distance.

It's present day. Lance is walking down the hospital corridor to his daughter's room. He's obviously devastated. He breaks down after seeing Laurel on the gurney. Oliver approaches to take him away.

Back at the bunker, Diggle is on the phone with his wife. He's sees Oliver standing in front of Laurel's Black Canary outfit. Diggle tells him he has Lyla and Sara at a safehouse. He's worried Andy may come after them.

Diggle is blaming himself for Laurel's death. Oliver is trying to convince him it's not. They turn on the TV. Alex is announcing Laurel's death. Diggle turns it off and storms away.

In an alley, an illegal gun sale is taking place. The fake Black Canary uses a sonic voice to stop the crime, then takes the bag of guns and flees.

Oliver calls a meeting to discuss the next steps in finding Darhk and making him pay for Laurel's death.

Lance comes in and shows them a newspaper article about the Black Canary's appearance the night before.

Felicity pulls up a video of the incident. Oliver checks Laurel's bag and sees that her sonic device is missing. Lance thinks Laurel is still alive. Diggle brings up that the device was keyed to Laurel's vocal chords. Oliver doesn't believe it.

Oliver and Lance go to the hospital morgue. Laurel is still there. Dead. Lance leaves, devastated.

Oliver thanks the doctor for her discretion and tells her about the missing sonic device. She says that someone hospital staff nicknamed "Frequent Flyer" because of her regular visits to the ER might be a suspect, but she can't give any names because of doctor/patient privilege.

Flashback to Oliver visiting Laurel after Tommy's funeral. He's blaming himself for Tommy's death. Laurel is trying to convince him not to.

At the bunker, Felicity and Diggle talk. She is looking at security footage. Diggle is blaming himself.

Thea and Alex are having drinks/dinner when the fake Black Canary shows up. She sonic screams and then beats up Alex before pointing a gun at him. Just as she's about to shoot, Thea steps in and saves the day.

She fights the faker, but is rattled when she see's the faker's face and the faker overtakes her and takes off. Thea calls Oliver to tell him about the incident.

Fake Black Canary is running through the alley. Oliver catches up with her. She tells him he abandoned all of them at Reddington and failed the city. Oliver is confused, and the faker jumps the fence and gets away.

At the bunker, the team talk about the faker. Oliver shares information that the girl was talking about prisoners that H.I.V.E. had. Diggle says they weren't prisoners, more like volunteers.

Felicity looks up missing teenagers on the computer and finds information about Evelyn Sharp and her family. Her parents were killed.

Lance is packing stuff up while Nyssa watches. He thinks she will take him to the Lazarus Pit to bring Laurel back, but Nyssa tells him the Pit is destroyed. Lance can't accept it, and tells her he'll find another way and takes off.

Felicity finds Oliver at his empty campaign office. He tells her he feels responsible. She tells him she feels responsible. Then she says she feels guilty for making Diggle think he's responsible.

Felicity gets a call from Thea that Diggle is missing in action. She says she's going to track him.

Ruve is in a limo when it stops because Diggle is blocking it's path. He shoots everyone but Ruve. He pulls her out of the car. He's masked up, but tells her he knows she knows who he is.  She claims she doesn't know anything. He's about to shoot her, but Oliver shows up.

Ruve takes off as Oliver and Diggle talk. Diggle has a temper tantrum then Oliver calms him down.

At the bunker, the team watches the television where Ruve is holding a press conference ordering the SCPD to take down all masked vigilantes, starting with the Black Canary. The teams decides they have to get to the fake Canary (who's name is Evelyn Sharp) before the SCPD finds her.

Nyssa tells Oliver about Lance and his quest to find a way to bring Laurel back to life.

Flashback to a week after Tommy's funeral and Laurel and Oliver are in front of a fireplace at her apartment reminiscing about old times. 

Back to present day. Oliver catches up with Lance and tells him that Laurel can't be brought back to life. Lance doesn't want to believe it. He breaks down.

At the bunker, Felicity apologizes to Diggle for making him think she was blaming him for Laurel's death. They talk about Andy and Felicity tells him that sometimes you make exceptions for family. Then she says he's "one illegitimate child" away from being an Oliver Queen clone.

Felicity gets an alert that Evelyn is at the Star City Plaza Hotel. Diggle thinks it would be nice for her to kill Ruve, but Felicity says if she does that she'll kill Laurel's legacy.

She alerts Oliver and the rest of the team. 

Inside the hotel, a security office alerts Ruve to the security threat, but she tells him she isn't going anywhere.

Evelyn is in the hotel. She shoots guards. Oliver catches up with her and tries to talk her out of killing Ruve. Eventually she puts the gun down and takes off. Before the cops can catch him, so does Oliver.

At the bunker, the team talks about Evelyn and how she ruined Laurel's legacy. Oliver says he has a way to stop what Evelyn did from ruining that.

It's time for Laurel's funeral. Quentin and Dinah walk to the grave. Everyone else is already there. Oliver gives a eulogy and reveals that Laurel told him the real reason she was at Iron Heights prison. He says she told him she was the Black Canary. He calls her a hero. 

Flashback to same time frame as before. A note is stuffed under Laurel's door. It's from Oliver telling her he is leaving. He returns the picture of her she gave him, it's the same picture she gave him right before she died in this time period.

The funeral is over, but Oliver is at her grave. The Flash shows up and apologizes for missing the funeral. Oliver gives a speech that it was never his fault, all the bad happening in his city, but his responsibility. Flash wants to know what he can do. Oliver tells him he just wants to be alone, and Flash takes off.

Oliver goes back to the limo where Felicity waits. She tells him he needs to do something, but Oliver tells her he doesn't know how to stop Darhk's magic. Felicity reiterates that he has to find a way for everyone's sake.


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Arrow Season 4 Episode 19 Quotes

Oliver: I'm thinking.
Felicity: Which is Oliver speak for you're beating yourself up. I thought you were reformed from that?
Oliver: It feels like a good a time as any to bring it back.

As the world's leading expert on blaming himself, please don't do it.