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Oliver is cleaning up Starling Bay when terrorists attack their cleanup on the beach.

The news outlets want a comment. Oliver needs to know why Darhk wants the bay so badly. Diggle tries to get the answer from his brother and gets nothing.

Felicity greets Donna at home. Donna opens the Christmas lights and screams bloody murder. She found the engagement ring. Oliver is going to propose. It IS a beautiful ring.

Oliver goes live at the Starling beach with photos of Darhk and his photo, as well as news of HIVE. It seems like a really stupid move.

Malcolm shows up and tells Thea there are very few things that scare him, but things are starting to look like they fall into that category because it has nothing to do with the waters of the Lazarus Pit.

At the holiday party, Felicity cannot stop putting her foot into her mouth about the engagement, especially when she meets Curtis and his husband. She realizes the souffle was the time.

Felicity goes to find her mom and tells her the news.

Felicity then goes to see Oliver to tell him she knows. Why can't they have both? Why did he have to rethink things? Well, then Damien Darhk comes in. He says he wants what he can't have. Oliver's allegiance and loyalty. So, he'll punish those he loves instead. That'll do it.

Thea and Felicity are taken. Oliver suits up. Laurel gets a tip on the hotline about her father. She confronts him. 

Laurel isn't too pleased to know that Oliver knew about Lance, but Oliver calls everyone to the lair. He also notes that it's easier to break in than their last lair.

Some people are at Damien's place. They're here to check on his progress on Genesis. What the hell is Genesis?

Oliver calls and interrupts. He wants to meet Damien. Oliver assures Damien he's made his point. Damien assures him he hasn't.

At Damien's lair, Oliver is taken to a chamber. He's going to be given a demonstration of the chamber, which Damien likens to the gas chamber. Humanity, after all, is in need of a reset. They need a certain type of algae in order to use the chamber.

Both Felicity and Laurel tell their loved ones they are the ones who decide who needs someone's protection. Their man is not the boss of them. Felicity tells Oliver if he had asked her to marry him, she would have said yes. This is what marriage is all about, right? Fighting together.

Damien has Thea and Diggle in the chambers. He grabs Felicity out of Oliver's arms and puts her in there, too.

The Black Canary Malcolm as Green Arrow show up. Laurel's Canary Cry breaks the glass and everyone is free. The cry work again and Malcom makes short order of others. All together, everyone does pretty well fighting against Malcolm and Damien's thugs. Lance shows up with the cavalry. Malcolm plants an explosive and Damien gives it a spell. The building explodes.

Diggle tries to get through to Andy one more time. Andy says he's always been this guy, but Dig refused to see it. Fine, then they'll finally treat Andy like the ghost that he is.

Oliver asks Felicity to marry him at a public address. While they're driving home in a big limousine, Damien unites with his family for Christmas and has his thugs surround Oliver's car. They begin shooting.

The shooting continues until Oliver climbs over the seat and drives the limo away. Unfortunately, Felicity gets hit in the process. 



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Arrow Season 4 Episode 9 Quotes

Thea: If you're here to give me a Christmas present, you can keep whatever knife or torture device you plan on giving me.
Malcolm: No presents, nothing gift wrapped, at any rate.

Oliver: Can I ask you a question?
Felicity: Now? Here? I mean...what's the question?