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Oliver is running, but fear not, it's just on his way home to Felicity. In the suburbs. She's cooking him an omelette and has failed. That's pretty bad. He's sweaty, and she wants sex. He's had a tattoo removed. He doesn't need it anymore. They're a normal couple.

Black Canary and Speedy are chasing down criminals later that night. She wants to be called Red Arrow. Someone is working com for them. Diggle is suited up an dpart of the team. Whoever they were trying to take down had backup.

"Ghosts" are stepping up their attacks on the city. People are too scared to leave their home. Laurel wants to ask for help. She wants to bring in Oliver. Diggle says Oliver walked away. He thought they could handle it. He thinks Oliver was right.

Capt. Lance is having issues of his own. Yeah, the Ghosts are a problem, but things are looking up. There is even a high speed railway between here and Central City. Maybe they can have a Flash Day, like they did. He doesn't have a lot of faith in his daughter. Damien Darhk walks into the meeting. Bold. He controls the ghosts, as they call them. He wants the city to die so new things can sprout. Damien threatens the city and those running it and takes his leave.

Oliver and Felicity have the neighbors over, who suggest they get on the school waiting list. They know he's going to pop the question and ask to see the ring. It's his mom's.

Oliver flashes back when the neighbor mention his reflexes.

At work, the DA is poisoned and Laurel calls the team to City Hall. It's an emergency. Bombs start going off in the police department. Capt. Lance putsdown his weapon. Diggle runs in only to find a fellow bloody on the floor. Speedy finds a dead fellow outside. The shit has hit the fan. Laurel is shooted up and fighting. Her dad helps her out. The entire city leadership seems to be gone.

Felicity and Oliver are having dinner. She's wondering what their celebrating. While he's getting their souffle topped with the ring, Laurel and Thea arrive. While they deliver their case, Felicity supports Oliver, her hand rubbing his back. Felicity thinks if their friends need their help, they should already be in the car.

Flashback. Embrace the darkness.

Felticity and Oliver return to STAR City in the back of a limo, one of the perks of being the Palmer Tech CEO in absentia. Now that she's back, they may actually expect her to do stuff.

Diggle isn't pleased to see Oliver. He's also not pleased Laurel and Thea made a decision without him, but when Felicity hacks into Kord Industries, she discovers that things are worse than expected. They may be going nuclear. Oliver immediately starts leading, which also doesn't go over well. Oliver realizes Felicity has been helping the team behind his back.

The Lance family seems to have moved past their difficulties, but not so much that Quentin is pleased his daughter is getting into the thick of the action. He still wants to protect her. He informs her people are leaving STAR City and not leaving it.

Diggle and Lyla are being loving and lovely. She thinks he should forgive Oliver and understand his reasoning for doing what he did.

Meanwhile, Oliver can't believe how long Felicity lied to him, not because she lied, but because the entire time they were supposed to be together, a part of her was back there.

When the team and Oliver are watching Damien chatting with his men, it becomes very apparent very quickly that he's got powers, as he starts to suck the life out of one of his me. Wow. What on earth is he?

Oliver knows that Damien isn't a metahuman, but mystical. Diggle is a little perterbed that Oliver won't expand on that.

Oliver and Thea are chatting, and he's wondering why she seemed so out of control the previous night. She thinks he's just being nosy, Diggle thinks she's just a little aggressive but you can tell that Oliver thinks it's something more.

Diggle and Oliver share words. They're unpleasant.

That's followed up by Capt. Lance wondering why the Prodigal Arrow returns. Oliver insists he's not a monster anymore.

Flashback. Waller's men are forcing him to jump off of a plane and assess an area and report back. It's the island.

Oliver gets back to the lair. Felicity wonders why the mopey face. He's not happy to be back. They should have never returned. Oliver knew all he brought back was darkness from the island. She thinks he just needs to be a little different. After all, he's not doing it alone. As they're talking, the team comes in. Shit is hitting the fan. She says suit up, oh, and you should suit up, too.

The team evacuates the station, at which there is a celebration for the reopening. Black Canary winks at the little boy as she ushers him out the door.

Oliver confronts Damien on the train. Diggle's bullets come in handy, as he saves Oliver. Oliver's arrow then takes down the train, but it's highly unlikely Damien goes down with it.

Diggle learns that Ra's told Oliver Damien had a hive of operatives at his disposal, and Diggle recalls his conversation with Deadshot. But he doesn't share what he recalls with Oliver or the team.

Oliver then makes a video of himself to play on TV announcing he's standing with the new heroes who have been protecting the town who believe that light comes from darkness and the darkness will never envelop the city. He'll be a symbol of hope the Arrow never was. He is the Green Arrow.

Damien is slitting his wrist to make a sacrifice, chanting to some folks. His arms light up with ancient writing upon them. He has a visitor. It's Captain Lance. Uh oh.

Oliver and Felicity move into the penthouse. It's OK, because Thea has been living with Laurel after being stabbed by Ra's in there. He tosses the engagement ring into a bowl of marbles onto the table. Felicity tells him how hopeful his speech was, because he previously said he didn't know to be a hero without the darkness and she knows how he hates being wrong.

Flashforward six months. Oliver is alone, standing at a grave. Barry is walking in. He's sorry he missed the funeral. Oliver asks, "Zoom?" And says there was a time he would have thought it was his fault, that he thought he brought this darkness upon us. But now he knows it's his responsibility. He's going to end it. He's going to kill him. He bends down beside the stone, crying.

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Arrow Season 4 Episode 1 Quotes

Oliver: Felicity, wanna play a game?
Felicity: What game are we playing?
Oliver: We're playing the "reason you know so much about these ghosts is beause you've been helping the team behind my back" game.

Laurel: We need the Arrow.
Oliver: The Arrow's dead.
Laurel: We're hoping that's not the case. We're hoping that you can't change who you are in your bones.